Fighting Words

My first foray into the Witcher fandom, written in October 2015.

The sounds of wooden practice swords hitting their targets and muted grunting rang out in the training yard.

“Move your feet!” A brief second later, “Second position! Good! Bring your elbow down further, Eskel.” Three consecutive hits in quick succession had Vesemir pushing himself off from the stone wall he had been leaning on as he watched his two pupils spar. “Geralt, you’re leading too far out with your right leg, bring it in closer.”

“But it feels weird.”

“Do you think a basilisk is going to care if you’re comfortable? You face one of them using that stance and you’ll either be missing a leg or dead in minutes.” Walking closer to the two, Vesemir crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Now, where will you most likely find a basilisk, and what is it immune to?”

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Is this still on?

Wow, okay, so the last thing I’ve posted here was from 2015, when I decided to migrate over to Tumblr.

With the latest update kerruffle, formatting and visibility issues, and a major bout of Imposter Syndrome and creative hibernation, I’m moving back home. There’s a lot of things to update this blog with, and I’m looking forward to going through my archive and editing/reposting/actually posting to AO3 (I eventually got an account over there.)

So, anyway, I’m back and I’m going to get ready to start updating this space on a semi-regular basis. *waves*