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Oct. 11th, 2003

Victor silently worked the sharp edge of a toothpick under his nails, idly trying to get out an irritating bit of dirt that wouldn’t budge. He had been messing around in the woods earlier, just wandering around without thinking about anything in particular. He liked doing that, letting his mind clear and enjoying the simple pleasure a solitary walk could give. The leaves were falling now, their colors changing from green to a different array of gold and reds. He loved the sound of them crunching underfoot, the noise audible only because he chose it to be. The air was crisp and made his nostrils sting slightly as he breathed in a lungful of it. Yes, late fall was his favorite time of the year. It wasn’t hot, yet it wasn’t too cold either. Perfect weather for walking around, especially when trying to heal from a seriously annoying gunshot wound. He had been out hunting again, except his prey had anticipated his arrival and had shot first. Nothing serious, but Victor was still too keyed up from the kill to sit around and wait for the muscles in his side to knit up and the lead ball to push out of his body. So he walked.

A lone bird fluttered to a nearby tree and took up residence on a low hanging branch. Flicking his head to the side to clear his vision from golden blond hair, Victor stopped walking and watched. The bird stopped grooming its feathers and seemed to stare back at him. He raised his arm to check the progress of his side. Not bad, compared to how it had been earlier. Having his damn metal skeleton ripped out of him made for his healing time to slow to nearly normal human standards. He hated being held back by anything. At least the wound had stopped bleeding. During his walk he had left little red splatters amongst the golden leaves on the ground. Satisfied that he was well enough to do some heavy duty work, Victor leisurely walked back to where he had hidden the slightly warm corpse under a mass of fallen oak leaves. By the time he had reached for the shovel stored in the back of his truck and started digging the hole, his side was back to normal.

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