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Practice Makes Perfect

Title: Practice makes perfect
Rating: G
Challenge: lips, glass, missing
Words: 315

Rikku looked over her shoulder one more time, making sure she hadn’t been followed. Seeing that she was only thirteen and wasn’t scheduled to be anywhere important, it was pretty safe to say no one had even noticed her missing. She had picked a secluded place in one of the many alcoves Home had to offer to conduct her business. Satisfied that she was alone, she dug in her bag until she pulled out a medium sized looking glass. Buffing the surface with the back of her sleeve, she cleared her throat.

“So, about tomorrow,” she started, staring at her reflection. “I was wondering…” She frowned and tried again.

“Girls are traditionally supposed to ask boys to this thing, and…” Her reflection’s eyes rolled at the tone of her voice.

She pressed her lips firmly against the cool surface, trying for the surprise approach. “We’re going together, and that’s final.”

“What is?”

She shrieked at the sound of someone behind her. Shoving the mirror back into her bag, she whirled around. “Gippal! Don’t sneak up on people like that!”

“Or what?” Glancing down at her bag, where he could clearly see the lip gloss stained mirror, he smirked. “I’ll catch you brushing up on your kissing skills?”

Her face grew as red as the bandanna tied around her hair. She made an inarticulate noise behind her pressed lips and jabbed her finger against his chest. “Well you just ruined it! You can forget about me asking you to the fire dance now!”

Gippal watched as she stormed off, her bag slung around her shoulder. Cupping his hands around his mouth, he shouted after her. “If you wanted me to go with you, all you had to do was come up and ask!” He would have said yes too.

He shook his head and rolled his eyes heavenward. Honestly, he just couldn’t figure girls out sometimes.

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