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Basch-centric five things fic

664 wordcount, written in roughly 10 minutes. Contains slight game spoilers and Basch = Issa's fandom woobie ♥. Tried to go angst-free, don't know if I really accomplished that or not.

1. Teacher

Vaan was a natural swordsman; Basch noticed this right away. He was quick on his feet and his arm was strong. His footwork needed improvement though, as did the strength of his strikes. The boy tended to hesitate before delivering a killing blow. Basch wanted to tell him of these errors, to correct him and demonstrate the proper techniques, but Balthier beat him to the act.

True, move your feet, we don’t have many potions to spare when you make a mistake probably wasn’t the gentlest way to get the message across, nor was either kill the fiends or leave them alone, anything less just makes them angry, but Vaan’s technique improved by leaps and bounds to each sardonic statement the pirate gave.

2. Loyalist

The woman that ran the inn at Balfonheim had been giving him a look that any man instantly recognized. He himself had not known the touch of a woman for many years, even counting the two that he had spent rotting away in Nalbina. His duties had kept him away from personal pleasure and he had never really paid much attention to his baser needs, though a man did have a limit to what he could ignore for so long. She was pleasant to look at, charming to speak with, and very, very tempting. The scent of cloves and cinnamon had assaulted his senses as she leaned over and whispered an invitation to share her bed and he could all but taste her on his lips and feel her under his hands.

He didn’t sleep that night, but spent it sitting in front of Ashe’s door, much like he always did when they had enough gil to afford beds in an inn.

3. Son

He hadn’t been home when she had died. He hadn’t known either until a sealed envelope with my mother is dead written in his brother’s bitter hand had reached him in Rabanastre. Enclosed inside was a silver pendant of a bird that their mother had often worn.

During the harrowing trip through the Nabreus Deadlands, where the Mist-fogged landscape inspired nightmares that made sleep elusive, Basch would rub his thumbs over and over the polished metal and murmur half-forgotten songs from his homeland under his breath, recalling all the times in his childhood that her voice had kept the night terrors away.

4. Father

In every town that he had been stationed at, he would see fathers with sons or daughters. While he himself hadn’t felt the immediate urge to raise a family, he often wondered just what it would be like to have one. He wondered what it would be like to see a golden haired girl or boy stare up at him with eyes that mirrored his own.

Many years down the road, while paired up with an enthusiastic boy and a girl that tried to keep him in check, he had his chance. Yes, they weren’t of his blood, but he felt a connection to them that went beyond merely being fellow travelers. The girl, the feathers she put in her braids blowing in the breeze, became the daughter that he never had and seeing her protect herself with her shield – moves that he had painstakingly explained and spent days upon days training her with – he couldn’t help the feeling of pride that swelled in his chest.

5. Brother

He recalled the last dismissive letter that his own blood brother had given him, severing all ties to their relationship after the fall of Landis. He himself had never felt like he had lost his sibling, not after their parents’ deaths, nor after his decision to serve Dalmasca, nor even after Noah – no, Gabranth – had taken his identity and used it to kill the king he had so loyally served all those years.

Yet after Gabranth – no, Noah – had departed from the world, he felt the loss for the first time and did not know how to deal with his grief.

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