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Theme #8 Revenge

Title: A Dish Gone Cold (#8 Revenge)
Rating: G
Character/Pairing: Sesshoumaru + Inutaisho
Summary: “Will revenge make things better?”
Words: 200

Sesshoumaru stared at the figure pinned to the side of the mountain by one of Inutaisho’s massive claws. He knew that it was not dead and he fought the urge to end its life, just as it had ended his father’s.

He suddenly thought back to a time when he was still young. A wasp had stung him, and although he was immune to its venom, it had still hurt a great deal. Angry, he had caught it one-handed and contemplated how to kill it. Using his poison to slowly melt it had won over quickly smashing it against a rock.

“What are you doing?” his father had asked, coming up the neatly tended dirt path. Sesshoumaru had explained what had happened, to which his father had cocked his head to the side.

“So you are punishing this creature for doing what it is in his nature to do?” Inutaisho had crouched down to inspect his son’s hand. “Will killing it make your hand better?” Truthfully, Sesshoumaru’s hand had already healed.


“Then what will you do?”

Sesshoumaru looked again at the trapped Ryukotsusei before turning on his heel and walking away. Killing him would not bring his father back.

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