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character sheet

1/16/08 edit: OMG what the hell was I thinking when I did this? Oh well, it's still good for a laugh.

I was cleaning out my hard drive when I came across a character sheet I made for my OC Kate Schapiero a while back. Haven't looked at it in nearly a year, so it should be interesting to see just what's changed or stayed the same in respect to how Kate has grown.

Character Profile Worksheet
Basic Statistics
Name: Katlin Alyce Schapiero (LeBeau), various aliases, X-Men codename Mimic

Age: 28

Kate: I'm 25 and you know it.
Issa: Please, you're pushing 30. Don't worry, I'll throw you a big b-day bash whenever you hit 40. Male strippers and all.
Kate: *glares*

Nationality: Irish

Socioeconomic Level as a child: Middle working class

Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Upper high class
Issa: That's an understatement.
Kate: Well, stealing all those original pieces of art does have its perks...

Current Residence: Xavier’s School, New Orleans

Issa: You live in New Orleans? I thought...
Kate: I'm looking into property there, just to keep tabs on Papa. He gets lonely, especially since Remy doesn't call.
Issa: Not going into your messed up family issues here.

Occupation: adventurer, freelance thief, member of the Thieves Guild
Kate: Ex-member. I quit.
Issa: Suuuurrree. Whatever. I thought it was one of those "in for life unless you get cast out" type of deals.
Kate: *shrugs* Okay, so I just don't acknowledge the fact that I'm still a member. Next thing.

Income: multimillion per year
Issa: *coughmultipleSwissbankaccountscough*
Kate: You okay? Need a glass of water?

Talents/Skills: expert pickpocket, jewelry thief and safe crack, high level of acrobatic ability and flexibility, high degree of knowledge on the use of handguns and various other firearms, moderate staff and fencing abilities from Jean-Luc‘s teachings, multilingual.

Issa: Okay, you're sounding Sueish.
Kate: Yeah, well you wrote this, not me.
Issa: Don't remind me. Say, if you're so great at picking locks, then how come you left me high and dry when I locked my keys in my car?
Kate: You had a spare key handy. I only work when I need to.
Issa: *glares*

Mutant ability is to “mimic” another mutant’s powers by touch and verbal command, keeping them unused in her memory for up to a week, longer if powers are used more often. Skill with copied powers varies, depending on how much they’re used. (ex. Ability to create organic steel body, yet steel can be paper thin at first. Must learn how to strengthen mutation. Healing factor is slow to nonexistent without practice, gets faster every time used.) She also mimics the eye color of whoever the powers were copied from.

Issa: Okay, here's where I'm thinking about changing your character around. You sound too much like a mix between a touchable Rogue and that Mimic guy in the comics.
Kate: Then what would you change my powers to?
Issa: Haven't given it much thought. Maybe you just amplify other people's powers without taking them on yourself?
Kate: Give it some thought. I'm in no big rush.

Salary: varies with each job
Issa: *coughoodlesofunmarkedbillsinbriefcasescough*
Kate: Are you sure you're okay?

Birth order: (biologically) firstborn and only child, (adoptive) younger sister

Siblings (describe relationship): self-appointed older brother Remy

Spouse (describe relationship): unmarried, monogamous relationship with Logan

Issa: Okay, why do you have to be with Logan?
Kate: Because you wrote me that way?
Issa: Yeah, but how come I couldn't have had you getting together with Hank instead? He's cute.
Kate: He is. I wouldn't be highly upset if you did put us together for something. I love the color blue.

Children (describe relationship): none, a violent run in with Creed and subsequent quick dispatch (gutting) because of sheer luck or pursuing law enforcement resulted in him missing the majority of vital organs and hitting reproductive system instead. Even now with Logan’s healing factor, she can’t heal herself: missing and or scarred over tissues can’t regenerate new growth and she doesn’t have the desire to cut her skin open again to heal the outside scars.

Kate: Doesn't stop the PMS hormonal thing though.
Issa: Yeah, miss "Let's go out and buy the EXPENSIVE chocolate and eat it all in one sitting"

Significant Others (describe relationship): father Alec and mother Marta, both deceased. Jean-Luc LeBeau, surrogate father, adopted her into Thieves Guild when she was thirteen. Remy LeBeau, self-proclaimed protective brother, sometime partner in crime.

Kate: Not to mention that I'm the one Remy calls to bail his butt out of jail...
Issa: Like you haven't called him to ask him to bail you out either.
Kate: What can I say? We love each other like that.

Relationship skills:

(romantically) Tends to be wary of starting any long-term relationship, starts to retreat when things get complicated or too deeply involved. Most relationships are no-strings attached sexual encounters or “friends with benefits”. Tends to be the dumper instead of the one dumped. Will run from relationship if provoked. When in a relationship, she’s loyal and honest and expects the other party to be the same. Refuses to pine over anyone, very clear cut in her wants and desires.

(familial) Very protective of family members, only counts a few as such like Jean-Luc, Remy, Tante Mattie. Very informal around them, at most relaxed state with guard down.

(friendships) meant to be long standing, yet doesn’t disclose too much information about herself. Makes sure those around her are worthy of her trust before inviting them into her close circle of friends. Again, loyal and protective of them.

(business associates) Very formal and businesslike, has a clear line of rules, self-assigned ethics and procedures that go with her job. Will never disclose any information about herself to them except for the things she wishes them to think she is. Keeps confidence about whatever job she was employed to do, her consummate professionalism and willingness to be secretive and discreet win her repeat jobs with the same employer.

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 5’5”
Issa: Shortie.
Kate: You're one to talk, 5'5 1/2".

Weight:140 lbs
Issa: For God's sake, eat a Twinkie. You're skin and bones.
Kate: Okay, but I won't gain any weight. Metabolisim, baby.

Eye Color: natural is blue, mimics various other colors

Hair Color: dark brown/black

Glasses or contact lenses? Neither, will use blue contacts to hide mimicked eye color if necessary. Has a pair of dark sunglasses to do the same.

Skin color: fair to ivory in winter, cream to light tan in summer

Shape of Face: oval

Distinguishing features: long white scar that runs from right temple to jaw, barely noticeable except at the point in hollow of cheek and at the end point right at the jaw. Four scar marks that start at the right hip and go downward to very top of left thigh from the incident with Creed.

How does he/she dress? Mainly for comfort and function, has a penchant for all things blue or any vibrant color, yet mainly wears neutral tones that compliment natural coloring. Likes oversized cable knit sweaters, sweatshirts, tank tops, regular t-shirts, button down poplin blouses, wispy romantic styles mainly in white or neutral tones, button down men’s shirts, halter tops. Faded blue jeans in various styles from boot cut to low riser and hip huggers, leather pants in similar fashions, black stirrup leggings, gym shorts and other kinds of shorts.

Kate: You write this after reading a fashion catalogue?

Jewelry: plain silver wrist watch, earrings are mostly small silver studs or hoops, three piercings in right ear, four in left. Stainless steel hair clip that is on at all times that has built in lock picks inside.

Uniform: Black Kevlar long sleeved shirt with scoop neck, black leather pants, black boots. Standard black leather belt with silver belt buckle in X-insignia. Utility pack attached to right thigh containing small amounts of C-4, a pack of cards, lighter and various demolition devices along with a spare lock picking kit. Calf length black leather trench coat with extra contents in inside pockets optional as are Remy-like gloves. Six inch knife strapped to inside of left boot, optional double shoulder holster and matching nine millimeter handguns, depending on situation.

Issa: Okay, this is plain stupid. Besides the fact you stole Remy's jacket and gloves, a Kevlar suit and you have a SCOOP NECK? Oh yeah, first place a person't going to shoot at you and you don't have any protection...
Kate: But it shows off my boobs. They're part of my arsenal anyway. Distract the enemy while kicking ass.

Mannerisms: very quiet, almost dissolving into a crowd with ease, guarded expressions, crosses arms over chest. Has a standoffish air to her, like she’s an observer instead of a participant. Is more than likely going to choose to sit in a corner booth nearest to an exit with her back to the wall and face towards the entrance furthest from any windows from habit. If at a bar, she’s closest to the middle; away from a TV and the entrance. Will lean against the bar instead of sitting on a stool if there for a short time, will sit on a stool only if there for a long period of time or if she’s a regular at a certain place. Keeps eyes on the mirror behind the bar at all times. For all the precautions, she doesn’t look paranoid or wary to anyone, only relaxed with that ready for any type of action if the need arises stance. Stands very comfortable wherever she’s at. Good posture, not rigid, yet not sloppy, walks with head high and shoulders level, creating the sense that she’s taller than she looks. Has an unconscious habit of resting her chin on her left hand and drumming her index finger over her left cheek. When in a comfortable environment, very at ease, relaxed posture and guard down. Naturally flirtatious. With romantic partner and in public, not necessarily a clingy person, does like a little contact now and then (brief holding hands, arm around shoulders), in private more touchy-feely, yet not overly so.
Issa: I could have just said anti-social and grumpy and that would have been a lot shorter.
Kate: I'm not grumpy! *frowns*

Habits (smoking, drinking etc.): chocoholic, borderline alcoholic, trying to stop smoking (most of the time cheating and lighting up half a pack a day, chain smoker when nervous or provoked), spontaneous/impulsive behavior at times. Tends to brood.

Kate: *lights up cigarette* Hell, you keep me mimicking Logan's healing factor and I won't have to quit smoking.
Issa: *taking cigarette away* You're quitting. It makes wrinkles. *grinds cigarette out*
Kate: Bitch.

Nervous habits: nail biting, knuckle cracking, lip biting, restlessness

Hobbies: reading (sucker for romance novels, mysteries, horror and poetry), listening to music (eclectic tastes, anything that catches her ear. Runs more towards Irish roots)

Favorite Sayings: “Poppa always taught us/me that…”
Issa: It's Katlyn Gump!
Kate: Shut up.

Speech patterns: medium tone of voice, soft spoken when in the presence of people higher up than her, changes tones to fit occasion (businesslike for freelance jobs, etc.) Soft lilting accent, more noticeable when angry. Uses slang, informal language. Curses at times. Guarded speech around those she doesn’t know, more relaxed with friends.
Issa: here's something I've noticed. You left Ireland when you were 11, grew up in New Orleans the rest of your childhood/teenage/early adult life, and you don't have a Cajun accent like Remy et all?
Kate: Remy doesn't have that heavy of an accent. He just fakes one because chicks dig men with accents. When he's pissed off though, it starts to peek out.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Educational Background: best schooling when Jean-Luc took her under his wing, no college. Can read and write at least French (fluently), Spanish (semi-fluent) and English (first language). Learned Irish/Gaelic firsthand.

Issa: So, if you start talking to somebody in Spain or Mexico, what would it sound like when you translated it?
Kate: More on the lines of "the goat ate cheese on a Wednesday." And before you ask, all I know in Irish is "can I use your bathroom" and other useful travel phrases. Ma and Da spoke English, and so did everybody else.

Intelligence Level: average intelligence book wise, above average street wise

Any Mental Illnesses? Possible pyromaniac tendencies, she likes to blow shit up if things go bad for her to erase any of her traces. Insomniac at times. Has reoccurring nightmares about childhood incidents.

Learning Experiences: Parents killed when she was 10, taken into custody of an orphanage that tortured mutant children. Escaped and lived on the streets, stole enough money to fly over to America at 11, got caught stealing and offered a job doing small thief jobs by 12, got caught by Remy while stealing something for an employer from Jean-Luc at 13. Jean-Luc decided to adopt her then and taught her all the tricks of the trade, as well as demanding she had proper schooling alongside Remy. Left New Orleans at 19 to make something of herself, traveled over the world doing first actual professional work. When jobs were few and far between, she worked as a stripper until age 21 a bartender until she was 24. Met Creed at 26, went back to New Orleans at 27, then back on her own at 28.

How self-confident is the character? Very self confident, almost bordering on arrogance at times.

Issa: Tell me about it!
Kate: We are not pleased at your reaction. *pouts*

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Mainly ruled by logic, with a heavy trust on intuition. When things are personal though, then ruled by emotion. Otherwise, very emotionally detached when faced with a problem.

Emotional Characteristics

How does the character deal with anger? Tends to lash out in anger, not her best emotion to deal with. Will hit anything in reach to channel out the emotion or react in violence either physically or verbally. Has a volatile temper and tends to make her battles verbal, especially with a significant other.

What frightens this character? Isolation, enclosed caged spaces (because the orphanage locked up mutant kids in small cages), someone harming her loved ones

Well, it looks like I have a Sue on my hands. *cracks knuckles* Time to re-vamp characters.

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