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Theme #20, Courage

Title: Tactical Retreat (#20 Courage)
Rating: G
Character/Pairing: Sesshoumaru + Inutaisho, Inuyasha
Summary: Sometimes it takes more courage to admit defeat.

“There will be times when the best course of action in a battle is to withdraw from the fight.”

“But won’t that seem cowardly?”

“It may seem so, but isn’t it better to walk away from a fight you can’t win than to be killed?”

“I guess so, but it still sounds cowardly.”

“My boy, sometimes it takes more courage to admit defeat than it does to plod on and be vanquished on the battlefield. You would do well to remember that.”

Many years later, Sesshoumaru stood across from his enemy, severely wounded. It was mere luck that Inuyasha had finally figured out how to conjure the Wind Scar, but the effects were devastating, even when wielded by someone as bumbling as his half-brother. Nearly blinded by Sesshoumaru’s poison, the fool was still trying to continue the fight.

Sesshoumaru ignored his sibling’s accusations that he was running away, preferring to withdraw and heal instead of being humiliated by the possibility of defeat by a lowly half-breed.

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  • 11 Feb 2019, 03:50
    Oh man, I was looking at my archives because “surely I haven’t written THAT much in 4 years!”

    Heh. I fell into Dragon Age Inquisition hell and created a massive Trevelyan family tree, each branch…
  • 11 Feb 2019, 02:00
    Welcome back! There’s still a few of us lurkers creeping around these parts. I’d love to see what you’ve been working on! I’m also on AO3 (red_seabream over there)
  • 29 Dec 2017, 13:10
    poor Nate!
    just want to see how these feelings would hurt and shape him
  • 30 Oct 2015, 16:02
    Ugh I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to comment on this!

    I always love your prompt-fics! I get too scatterbrained to make a complete story out of them and give up part way through, but yours are…
  • 27 Sep 2015, 02:37
    Fergus is my absolute favorite DAO sibling. And even though he is one of my favorites, I don't really do anything with him except admire from afar. I could totally see him in a power-brokering…
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