September 11th, 2010

prince charming

Someone Like You, chapter 7

Title: Someone Like You, chapter 7
Rating: G
Summary: Nathaniel talks to Moira’s parents. Fergus gets suspicious.
Note: This was done for ten_by_ten's "love" prompt. I was in the middle of a ten mile hike last weekend when this plot bunny hit. It nibbled and now suddenly Rendon has layers that I wasn’t aware he had before and the Couslands have become my most favorite parents in the history of ever. Also, if the word “noogie” is not in Ferelden’s language, it needs to be. Big brothers need to have something to torment their little sisters with.

Also, also, this can be a filler part for A Rush to the Start’s chapter 2 where Nathaniel thinks “He was twenty again, holding her close to his chest with his nose buried in her hair, marveling at how perfectly she fit in his arms and wondering if she would object to him kissing her like he had wanted to since he and his father had arrived in Highever that morning.”

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