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May 23rd, 2011

Original fiction: Just a Little

I've never written anything creepy before, but I got inspired to write something last Saturday night during the ontdcreepy's FFA. Here it is:

Can you leave the door open, just a little?

You have no idea how much I love that question. It’s normally the younger kids who have that particular request; the ones that still have a lamp lit at their bedside, the light that it casts over them as they sleep the only thing that protects them from monsters.

They have a reason to have that light; we’re real. The boogey-men, the ghouls, the things that go bump in the night – we’re here and your world is ours once the sun goes down. We don’t limit ourselves to closets or under beds; we hide in the shadows of your entire home: your kitchen, under your stairway. We creep along darkened hallways, our hands at every doorknob.

See, that’s why I love that question your little angel just asked. Even with all the frightening power at our disposal, we are thwarted by closed doors. There’s an ancient magic about the home that you people of today have forgotten. We need permission to come inside the one place you truly feel safe in. That time you left the door to the garage wide open while you lugged groceries in one night? That was enough for us to explore your homes. Adults, for whatever reason, have the annoying habit of keeping their bedroom doors closed while they’re at their most vulnerable. Yet children…

Can you leave the door open, just a little? Yes, mommy and daddy. Leave the door open just a crack for us? Don’t worry; your little one is safe as long as their night light is on.

Then again, we do know how to turn switches off.

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