June 30th, 2012

plot bunnies

WiP time!

Title: Untitled Mass Effect fanfic

Rating: PG for language

Pairing: Juliana Shepard/Jeff Moreau

Spoilers: for entire series, especially Mass Effect 3, although I'm sort of tweaking the ending just a tad bit (had some of the end scenes written before I played the Extended Cut and I'm pleased to see that what was there sort of meshed with my pre-established headcanon)

Notes: I got bit by the 1sentence prompts again. As usual, I'm way too wordy for the one sentence per prompt rule. I'm probably going to post this up on ff.net as one prompt per chapter instead of one big oneshot, but I haven't decided just quite yet. I'm not finished, so there'll be more ficlets (drabbles?) put in and more than likely re-ordered once everything is 100% done. This still needs to be looked over, edited, and will probably get changed just a teeny bit every time I read it again, but here's what I have so far.

Anyway, onto fic!

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