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Theme #16, Friendship

Title: An Unselfish Gesture (#16 Friendship)
Rating: G
Character/Pairing: Sesshoumaru + Inutaisho, Kagome
Words: 615
Summary: Sometimes, people do favors for no reason.

He had known that the girl who traveled with his half-brother was different, but he didn’t know how much until he saw her emerge from the well in the middle of the forest. He had expected her to scream or run towards the human village her company frequently stayed at once she saw him, but she only dropped the heavy yellow pack she carried to the ground and looked at him.

“Is Rin’s cough better?” she asked, as if the two of them were on familiar terms.

He considered not replying just to be obstinate, but decided the girl’s actions a week ago had merited an answer. “Yes.” Rin had come down with a cough and a fit of nearly violent sneezing. The girl – no, Kagome, he corrected himself – had offered a medicine called an antihistamine that she promised would help, though it would make Rin quite sleepy. Sure enough, Rin had fallen asleep several minutes after swallowing the pills he had deemed safe and had stayed that way for some time. After she had woken up, her eyes had been clear and the sneezing had stopped.

Kagome smiled. “I’m glad.” She bent down and fished around in her bag, coming up with another bottle of the pills she had given Rin. “Here’s some more, if she needs them later on. With everything in bloom right now, her allergies may act up again.”

He glanced at her offering. It was an unselfish gesture, one that he didn’t understand. She hadn’t asked for anything in return and he knew that his idiot half-brother would have been somewhere on the outskirts of the woods, dying to hear what was going on if she had come on his behalf.

“Sometimes, people do favors for others for no reason,” Inutaisho had once told him.

“But why?”

“To be kind.”

Being only a child at the time, he had scrunched up his nose in distaste. “Kindness is a weakness.”

“Not all the time,” his father had replied. “How else would one gain allies?”

Sesshoumaru blinked, brining himself back to the present. While he had no need to ally himself with their group, they were fighting a common enemy.

Tucking the medicines inside his clothes, he gestured to the west. “There are demons that have suddenly grown stronger on the outskirts of my territory. Your search for shards should pick up there.”

She stared at him as if he had grown a second head. Before she could reply, he melted soundlessly back into the trees. He stood silent, watching as she struggled with her pack, amused when she started mumbling to herself.

“Inuyasha is never going to believe this,” she muttered.

“All the more reason he does not have to know.” He smirked when she jumped.

“So this is our little secret?” she asked, turning around to where she had heard his voice. He was vaguely surprised when she faced his direction on the first try.

“If it pleases you.” He watched as she pulled something that made a great deal of crinkling noise out of the bag’s side pocket.

“I had brought this for Shippou, but I think Rin might like it better.” She placed the thing on the lip of the well, and then walked towards the village.

He stepped out of the trees’ shadows and picked up the strange multicolored object, smelling nothing amiss. Trying it, he found that it was sweet to the taste, almost too sweet for his liking. He thought back and recalled the little fox demon enjoying such a treat, so he tucked it away next to the medicine.

Perhaps an alliance with Kagome would be beneficial, if he was pressed to make one.

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