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Happy Halloween!

I'm being a journal posting fiend today, I think it's all the pixie stix I had during the course of the day. Starting in on the leftover candy. Ooooh, chocolate...

Crossposted over at x_men100. Just two X-Men version ficlets for the Halloween festivities. :) Victor has been over to muse for me, I think he's the one that's been stealing all the Junior Mints. *gives Vic a sideways glance* Oh well, I love him anyway :P

Character: Evo-verse Kitty
Challenge: Urban Legends/Length
Words: 1000 on the dot

Kitty Pryde hated babysitting the Patterson twins with a passion. And on Halloween of all nights, she thought, slumping in one of the living room chairs. This is so not fair!

Instead of going out trick or treating with Kurt, Bobby, and the rest of the gang, she was stuck here. It was six fifteen and she had already cleaned the mess in the kitchen the boys had made while getting snacks, scrubbed crayon marks off the walls, and put the troublesome boys upstairs to watch a movie. Frowning as she absently pulled on the frayed ends of her blue jeans, she decided that it would be best to get some of her homework done.

Around seven, she jumped at the sound of the phone. Mrs. Patterson had said that one of her business clients might call, and for Kitty to take a message. Rolling her eyes at the thought of doing the snobby socialite’s dirty work, she picked up the phone.

“Patterson residence.”

The other end of the line was quiet except for the sound of raspy breathing.

“Hello?” I don’t have time for jokes like this. Thinking to hang up the phone, Kitty heard someone finally say something.

“Have you checked on the children, little girl?”

“Excuse me?”

“Have you checked on the children, little girl?” After hearing it a second time, she laughed and looked at the caller ID. The number flashing on it was the same as the Xavier Mansion.

“Bobby, this is so lame. I’m not falling for a stupid urban legend. Grow up.” With that, she slammed the phone down. Plopping down on the sofa again, Kitty continued with her Chemistry homework.

At seven thirty, the phone rang again. Checking the caller ID before picking it up, she didn’t recognize the number.

“Patterson residence.”

The same raspy voice came on the line. “Have you checked on the children, little girl?”

Kitty had enough. “Like, who is it this time? Scott, this had better not be you.”

“Have you checked on the children, little girl?”

“This is way lame, people. You’re not scaring me.” Slamming the phone down again, Kitty stomped to the kitchen and helped herself to a glass of juice. Sitting at the kitchen island, she thought about the voice. Scanning everybody at the mansion in her head, she didn’t come up with anybody that matched. She even entertained the brief idea that Logan had gone along with one of the guy’s pranks. Then she quickly dismissed it. Logan was more likely to be hiding in the bushes with a water hose to thwart would-be TP’ers than waste his time with dumb jokes.

Washing her glass in the sink, she put it up neatly and went back to the living room. Chemistry homework done, she turned her attention to History. She had a test next week and was determined to get a higher grade than the last one.

Between studying, she answered the doorbell and gave the few trick-or-treaters handfuls of candy. She mournfully glanced around the neighborhood as she did so, thinking that if the Patterson’s gave out such great candy, then the rest of the high society neighbors would as well. Putting away the schoolwork, she kicked back on the couch and turned on the high definition television, grateful that there was a decently scary movie on.

The phone rang around eight fifteen. Again checking for the ID, Kitty picked up the phone.

“Patterson residence.”

“Have you checked on the children, little girl?” Kitty didn’t even bother saying anything to the raspy voiced individual. She merely slammed the phone back down on the receiver. By this time she was truly getting a little worried. Deciding to catch whomever was doing it at the Mansion before they called again, she dialed the number. Jean answered.

“Jean, has anybody been saying anything about calling here where I’m babysitting?” she asked, hoping that the red haired telepath would pick up on her anxiety and help her out.

“No, not that I know about. Yeah, I’m coming,” Jean said, talking to somebody that was in the room.


“Sorry, Kitty. Scott and I are going to a party. Have you checked the caller ID?”

“Yeah. Nothing from anybody I know.”

“Then see? Nothing to worry about. Are you okay? Do you want us to come and keep you company?”

Not wanting to spoil their fun, Kitty waved the offer off. “No, that’s okay. You two have fun. Talk to you later.” Hanging up the phone after a brief goodbye, Kitty rubbed her arms. So if nobody at the mansion was calling, just who was it? She was so preoccupied with the problem that she didn’t expect the phone near her elbow to ring. Screaming, she picked it up. “Look, whoever you are! This isn’t funny and I’m going to call the police the next time you do this! Leave me alone!”

“Excuse me, young lady, but I was calling on behalf of Mrs. Patterson. I’m a client of hers and…”

Kitty calmed down. “Oh. I’m sorry. Just that it’s Halloween and all. I’ve been getting some prank calls.” She took the message and then awkwardly gave another apology before hanging up.

Not even five minutes later, the phone rang again. Picking it up, she was greeted by the same raspy voice. “Have you checked on the children?” Kitty glanced down at the caller ID and saw that the phone number was familiar. It was the Patterson’s number. Dropping the phone, she ran up the stairs, ready to phase the twins and herself out of danger. A magenta cloud of smoke stopped her at the top landing.

“Kurt, what are you doing?” Calmer now, she noticed that Kurt popped a throat lozenge and coughed. At least that was a reason for the raspy voice.

Kurt held one of the portable phones up. “You really should check on those kids, they’re making a mess. You didn‘t answer when I asked if you checked, so I got worried.”

Characters: Jean and Scott
Challenge: Urban Legend/Ghost Story/Length
Words: 1000

“If you sign the papers, we can take her off the ventilator.” The doctor handed the clipboard to the anguished man sitting near the bedridden patient. He sympathized with the man, seeing that he had never left the young woman’s side since she had been admitted.

“We were on our honeymoon,” the man whispered, tears slipping from behind his red tinted sunglasses. “She…she pestered me to take her to Aruba instead of Colorado, but I had to be stubborn.” The doctor shook his head. Mrs. Jean Grey-Summers had suffered cranial trauma due to a skiing accident. She had been in a coma ever since and there wasn’t a chance of her ever coming out of it. Her family had already agreed on the decision to let her go, yet the final choice came to her new husband.

“I can come back, if you like,” the doctor said. Scott shook his head.

“No. No, everybody’s right. This is for the best.” His lower trembled a bit, but then he stilled it. “Jeannie’s not here anymore.” Steeling himself, he placed his signature on each of the pages required. Taking Jean’s hand in his, Scott never noticed her parents and siblings enter the room to watch as the ventilator ceased pumping and the heart monitor slowly stopped beeping until the noise coming from it was just one continuous beep.

Three days later, the funeral was held. It was a beautiful affair, full of Jean’s favorite flowers. The mourning party was large, people coming from the medical school she had attended and more coming from the private school she had been employed at. Scott sat through the entire thing dry eyed, his stoicism a front for the feelings of loss and despair that raged through him. Silent at the gravesite, he held his mother in law’s hand as she wept loudly when Jean’s coffin was placed in the earth. One of the things commented at the wake by a distant relative was the family’s express wishes that Jean’s body not be embalmed. An aunt thought that a little odd, but didn’t say anything, seeing that the close family was distraught enough as it was and shouldn’t be bothered with morbid questions of that nature.

That night, a grave robber stole into the graveyard. He had been going around the state, checking to see just who had died and what their personal income had been. He had found out early that the rich liked to bury their dead with all their worldly possessions. His motto was that dead men tell no tales, and there would be no witnesses to see him pry off the expensive jewelry from their cold bodies. He had heard about the Grey girl being buried that day and had known that her father was pretty well to do. No doubt there was some ready cash to be had when he hocked whatever jewelry she had been buried with.

Waiting until midnight when the graveyard security guard got off his shift, the robber slipped out of his car and took the shovel, crowbar, and flashlight he had with him out of his trunk. He silently jumped the tall fence and made his way though the older portion of the cemetery where the Grey family plot was located. The full moon reflected off of the old monoliths and lit his way towards the freshly turned earth. Setting his flashlight down, he took his shovel and started digging.

Sometime around two in the morning, the robber finally hit the coffin. Climbing out of the hole, he retrieved his crowbar and made short work of the seal around the coffin. Shining his flashlight at the body, he whistled in appreciation. Not only had Jean been buried with emerald earrings, she had on a matching necklace, bracelet, and ring set. The diamonds and emeralds shone in the yellow light and the robber’s eyes grew large as he pocketed the gems. He then turned his attention to the large diamond engagement ring settled on her left hand. He was surprised that it would not come off, no matter how hard he tugged. Finally deciding that the only way to get the ring off her finger would be for him to cut the finger off, he took out his pocket knife and started sawing at the digit. Blood welled up around the gold band and then something completely unexpected happened. Jean’s lips parted and a ghostly moan escaped her mouth. The robber, easily spooked, dropped the knife and quickly climbed out of the grave. As he stood there in the dark, he chastised himself. The moan probably was because of the body decaying, he thought. It certainly wasn’t anything to worry about. Preparing to climb back into the grave to finish his work, he stopped dead in his tracks.

The moonlight shone on a pale, white hand that was clutching at the earth. Jean slowly climbed out of the grave and collapsed on the grass. The robber screamed in fright and ran off. Unfortunately, seeing as he had left his flashlight in the open grave and the moonlight wasn’t enough to show him the way, he wound up falling into the grave instead.

Jean lay there until dawn. What had happened was that the doctors had underestimated her condition. She had been able to breathe on her own, albeit very shallowly. Her vital signs had been so weak that none of the machines had picked up on them. When the robber had started cutting into her skin, the pain had woken her from her coma. Confused as to why she was in the graveyard, Jean slowly made her way to the front gates, frightening the morning guard. After medical crews had examined her and treated her finger, she was then reunited with her tearful family and her new spouse.

The grave robber hadn’t been so lucky. When he fell into the grave, he had fallen on top of his knife and had bled to death in the dark.

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