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Day 1 of NaNoWriMo

Going to try to keep all NaNo talk over here so I don't flood my flist over on LJ with the boring details.

Started NaNo Novel '07 at 12:01 AM today. Exactly one hour later, I met my 1,667 daily wordcount goal. Dude. Usually it's like pulling teeth, especially at the start, with much obsessive checking of the word count meter. My pre-planning last month consisted of just adding a few bookmarks to my favorite list to sites that may or may not help whenever I get to certain parts, a list of character names so I won't get confused, brief points I want to touch on in the main plot along with two other side plots and another that may or may not become the basis for NaNo Novel '08.

Jones Soda in Green Apple is now my most favorite soda EVAR. Dr. Pepper does not count, because that is on a level of love that goes above all other carbonated caffiene-laden drinks.

Debating on staying up longer to write some more or shut down for a couple of hours and pick up later on this morning. Leaning on staying up long enough to get to at least 2,000 words before packing up and going to bed. Hopefully the momentum will continue for the rest of this fun-filled romp into novel-land.


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