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Even or Odd

Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Title: Even or Odd
Author/Artist: iceprincessd
Theme(s): #13: heads or tails, you lose; dice; ace
Pairing/Characters: Balthier/Ashe
Rating: PG
Disclaimer/claimer: I don’t own Balthier or Ashe. Property of Square.
Summary: He was already missing one of his shoes and an earring.

“I can’t believe you know how to play this,” Balthier commented.

Ashe shrugged. “The rules are simple enough and there’s a fifty percent chance that you’ll win.”

“And what would our dear Captain say about your behavior?”

She took a delicate sip from the wineskin they were sharing. “Nothing. This is a soldier’s game; who do you think taught me?” She leaned forward. “Besides, he isn’t here, now is he?” She took up the pair of dice lying on the thin woven blanket they were sitting on and shook them.

“I say that they’ll be even this time,” Balthier predicted.

“Your wager?”

“An article of your choice.” He was already missing one of his shoes and an earring. She wasn’t fairing any better; she’d lost both boots, her belt, and her neckpiece, all of which were sitting in a pile near Balthier’s hip.

Ashe shook her head and took another drink. “Somehow, I don’t think Basch had this in mind when he showed me this game.”

Balthier smirked. “No, but I’ll have to thank him when I get the chance.” He reached behind him and unbuckled his vest.

“But you haven’t rolled yet,” she protested halfheartedly.

“Does it really matter?” he asked, moving on his hands and knees until he was nose to nose with her. “We’re both winners in this game.”

She smirked up at him, putting her hands on his shoulders. “Indeed.” She let out a laugh as he lunged at her, sending them both rolling on the ground.

The dice fell from her hand and if either of them had cared to look, Ashe would have won the roll.

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