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Theme #22, Jewel

Title: Fickle Things (#22 Jewel)
Rating: G
Character/Pairing: Sesshoumaru + Inutaisho
Words: 377
Summary: Patience will grant you what wishes may not.
Note: Question at the very bottom after main story. I don’t know if it’s a spoiler or not, so I stuck it behind an lj-cut just to be sure. *is way behind on recent events*

He never had any use for a jewel that granted wishes. When he first heard of it, he had thought back to a conversation he had with his father back when he was very young. He had believed that there had been a magical carp living in their pond and had nearly drowned trying to catch it.

“Why would you want to do a thing like that?” his father had asked, rubbing him dry as he stood there in sodden kimono, his hair plastered to his scalp and hanging into his eyes in a stringy mess.

“So it would grant me a wish.”

“And what wish would you have asked for?”

The answer came without any hesitation. “To be a great and powerful demon.”

His father had stared at him for a long time before opening his mouth. “And could you attain this wish any other way? Perhaps by hard work and continuing your studies?”

Sesshoumaru had blinked. “I didn’t think about that,” he admitted.

“Magic wishes are fickle things, my boy. If you don’t clearly specify what you want, then you never know what you may get. Your wish could have transformed you into a powerful demon, but with no sense on how to use that power except for senseless destruction. What would you have done then?

“Never wish for something when all that you need is time and patience to obtain your goal. Remember that, my son.”

In the end, his father had been right. Sesshoumaru grew up to be a powerful demon in his own right and he hadn’t needed a magic wish to do so. He had nearly everything he could ever want – if he didn’t personally kill Inuyasha, then someone else would end the fool’s life, leaving him his honored father’s sword to claim – so he didn’t have the drive to gather small shards of a fragmented jewel like so many lesser demons did.

He glanced at his left side, the empty sleeve billowing in the breeze. It would take time, but his arm would eventually heal. Until then, it was just an inconvenience he would one day overcome.

No, he had no need for magic wishes. He merely needed time and patience, both of which he happened to have in abundance.

Note: I’m horrible at following current events, but I read somewhere online that Sesshoumaru got his arm back? Is that true? If so, then this was written before that happened.

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