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You Are Here

Title: You Are Here
Author: iceprincessd
Rating: G
Prompt: places (#8 a busy city)
Characters/Pairing: Basch
Warnings: post-game spoilers?
Summary: He was proud of his progress.
Author’s Note: What? A Basch fic that doesn’t have angst?

Getting used to the many twisting streets and alleyways of Archades was accomplished far easier when the tell-tale armor of a Judge Magister was left on its stand back at the Imperial palace. Of course he could have sat in his rooms and poured over the multitude of maps at his disposal, but he always learned better by doing things himself and seeing where everything was in its natural setting instead of trying to visualize it from a graphed out piece of paper. Normal clothing that wasn’t too elaborate to stick out in the older portions of the city nor too worn to gather attention in the rich sections afforded Basch the anonymity to wander and mentally map out the busy city. Gabranth’s face minus the helmet was not known and no one expected to run into a Captain who was supposed to be two years in his grave.

Basch wound his way through the city slowly, noting landmarks as well as street names. He had spent the past week doing just the same and was pretty satisfied with his progress, patting himself on the back for a job well done. He opened a side door, stopping in his tracks at a woman’s piercing screech. “Apologies,” he muttered, face reddening as he hastily backed out, closing the door behind him just in time to avoid being hit by a porcelain ewer full of water. He winced at the sound of it shattering behind the door.

Looking around, he made a note. The tavern was two doors down to the right, not three.

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