Issa (bossy_muses) wrote,

Thrust, Parry, Twist. Repeat.

Title: Thrust, Parry, Twist. Repeat.
Author: iceprincessd
Rating: G
Prompt: actions (#1 dance)
Characters/Pairing: Basch
Warnings: post-game
Summary: He wasn’t leaving until it felt right.

Training in heavy armor wasn’t new to Basch. He was used to going through drills under the unforgiving desert sun, practically baking as the metal reflected heat back onto him. The cooler climate of Archades was a welcome factor, especially as he put in extra time to get used to two blades instead of merely one.

He closed his eyes, easing his muscles into a well-rehearsed stance. He brought the blade in his right hand across his body to attack, then his left hand followed to deflect a blow. Pivoting on the balls of his feet, he swung himself to the side, withdrawing his right blade as he stepped away from one imaginary opponent and moved on to the next. He repeated the move, adding in swings and different angles of attack, his body moving gracefully over the training arena floor, almost as if he were performing a deadly dance.

He shook his head to the side to get the sweat dripping down his face out of his eyes. Hefting both blades in his hands, he weighed them. Their balance was perfect, the weight evenly distributed. The problem was on his end – they still didn’t feel as if they were extensions of his arms yet.

Rotating his shoulders, he took his battle stance again, determined to get it right.
Tags: character: basch, community: ten_by_ten, fandom: ffxii
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