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Parts of a Whole

Title: Parts of a Whole
Author: iceprincessd
Rating: G
Prompt: words (#6 patchwork)
Characters/Pairing: Basch, Larsa, Gabranth/Drace
Warnings: post-game
Summary: There were things about Gabranth that Basch had never known.

Basch quickly found out that his brother had been highly organized, almost to the point of being so organized that one got lost trying to find what they were looking for in files to begin with. It was a surprise; Noah had been the sloppier of the two when they were growing up. The filing system was easy to adapt to once he studied the neatly marked notes written in a hand almost identical to his own.

He noted on the first occasion he and Larsa were alone that the relationship his brother had with the young emperor went beyond being a guardian. Larsa was more relaxed and at ease than he was when out in the public eye. He seemed to catch himself that he wasn’t with the Gabranth he was used to when he stopped in the middle of saying something and instantly sobered.

“He was a friend,” Larsa said, not looking at Basch. “Sometimes…sometimes I had wished that he had been one of my brothers.”

When Basch found the small scraps of paper filled with childish drawings Noah had kept in his desk like treasured keepsakes, he knew his brother had felt the same.

Noah’s private journal read much like a general’s strategy guide when it came to the woman named Drace. Apparently, she didn’t like the fact that Noah had risen so quickly through the ranks when she had to claw her way up to where she had been. Noah had set out to befriend her before she wound up killing him, but then grew intrigued by her quick mind and deep sense of honor.

Basch laughed out loud at the note flowers don’t work, but surprise ambush kiss attack a smashing success. Bit lip and blackened eye were worth it.

Gathering little tidbits of information, both familiar and new, allowed Basch to stitch together a patchwork picture of the man his brother had been. He had been respected and admired by many, envied and plotted upon by several. He had been loved by a select few and had loved them back in return. He had been both strong in will as well as in character.

Basch hoped that he would be able to live as such a man, even as he mourned not being able to know him in life.

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