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Attack of the Green-Eyed Pirate

Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Title: Attack of the Green-Eyed Pirate
Author/Artist: iceprincessd
Theme(s): #10 dictionary; search
Pairing/Characters: Balthier/Ashe
Rating: PG for minor swearing
Disclaimer/claimer: Balthier and Ashe do not belong to me. Property of Square Enix.
Summary: “Problems, Captain?”

The sound of something metal flying through the engine room made Nono wince. He really wished his hume employer would be more careful; it had taken him almost an entire afternoon to repair the secondary boosters.

“Problems, Captain?” he knew that it always put Balthier in a better mood when he called him that. Unfortunately, it didn’t work this time.

“Just one,” Balthier said, clenching his teeth. “If you looked in the dictionary, there would be a pretty picture of a certain royal someone beside the entry for problem.”

Oh. So that was what had him in such a mood. “She is pretty, kupo,” he agreed, moving across the room to collect any stray tools before Balthier could throw them as a way to vent his anger.

“That’s what her problem is. She’s too damn pretty for her own damn good.”

Well, that was something. Normally Balthier didn’t curse unless things really bothered him. Two damns in one sentence was telling evidence. He started grumbling about something else, but Nono decided to only listen with half an ear. Over the years, he found this proved to be the best route when Balthier was in one of his moods. When Balthier paused for a breath, Nono piped up. “So you like her then?”

Balthier stopped in mid-rant and blinked at the little green-clad moogle. “Of course not! She’s demanding, stubborn, too proud,” he ticked her faults off on his fingers. “She doesn’t listen to a word I say…”

Nono tuned him out again. Yep, he thought, he likes her.

“It’s that overbearing idiot of a Margarace I’m worried about. She doesn’t seem to have a clue as to how slimy he actually is. Did you see the way he kissed her hand?”

“No, I missed that.” Thank goodness.

“You were lucky. I was wondering if he was going to run his tongue over her fingers afterward. Wouldn’t put it past him to get away with it either. I can’t look at her in a completely innocent manner without Basch threatening to kill me, but the dear Captain doesn’t lift a finger at the near obscene display.” Balthier threw his hands up in disgust.

“You should tell her how you feel.” Nono ducked and back out of the room when Balthier found a wrench Nono hadn’t gotten to yet.

Fran was outside in the stairwell. Now her, Nono liked. She never lost her temper and threw things that might damage his precious Strahl.

“How is the engine pressure?” she asked, her ears swiveling as she heard her partner mutter darkly to himself about overly hairy men with comb-overs.

“The pressure is fine, kupo,” Nono said, his puff ball twitching. “It’s the blood pressure of the person inside that I’m worried about.”

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