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Gone Fishin'

Title: Gone Fishin’
Rating: G
Words: 243
Challenge: Ray, Fish, Blues
Note: Happy belated birthday to record_cover!

“This is boring.”

“Give it a chance.”

“I have. Still boring.” Mayflies buzzed over the Moonflow, causing tiny ripples as they skimmed the surface of the water. The boat Gippal and Rikku were in gently rocked with the current as they lazily floated down the river.

Gippal stretched out further on his side of the boat, his bare feet brushing her legs. At his side was a fishing pole made out of bamboo. “You’re not doing it right, that’s why.”

Rikku rolled her eyes. “Talk about not doing it right, do you even have a hook on the end of the line?”


“Then how do you expect to catch fish?”

“Didn’t come out here to catch fish.”

She sighed. “Then what did you drag me out here for?” A ray of sunlight sparkled across the water, momentarily dazzling her eyes with how blue it was.

“Maybe I wanted some time alone with you. Between my work here and you going all over Spira for spheres, we don’t really get a chance to be together much.”

She stared at him before standing up. “Hey, you’re gonna tip us over,” he teased, even as he grinned up at her from under the wide brim of the hat that was currently shading his face.

“Live a little, won’t you?” She sat back down on his side, sighing contentedly as she snuggled against him.

“Still boring?” he asked, wrapping an arm around her.

“It’s looking up.”

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