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Dec. 14th, 2004

Hisawe turned from the crackling fire and rubbed her hands over her arms. Wintertime in Tokyo was gorgeous: blankets of pristine white snow covered everyting in sight outside. The koi pond in the back garden had long since frozen over, and the little bamboo foundtain near it had stopped working as well. The landscape outside made Hisawe feel as if two thousand years had not passed and she was still human.

The interior of her home, however, reminded her that it was very much the twenty first century. Sleek modern metal mixed with traditional wood and stone harmoniously througought the place, a flat screen plasma television shared wall space near ancient silk paintings. Slim line modern furniture was very much at home with slim line traditional. Hisawe was proud of her home. It showed off her status as a member of the vampire Council.

She walked through her home, her bare feet soundless on the wood floors, until she came into the study. Yet another fire was blazing in the hearth and the object of her interest was sitting at the desk, a frown marring his handsome features. Kenji was not only interested in protecting her body, but when the modern businesses sprang up, he began to take interest in her wealth as well. It was actually their wealth, seeing as they had been married for the majority of those two thousand years. She figured his obsession with money came from his past in poverty. Hisawe didn't really care, she loved him when he was poor and she'd love him no matter what status their fortunes fell on. She had lost count in the many stocks Kenji had invested in, but she knew that they were doing well. At the moment though, it sounded as if one of the companies he had invested into were not doing as well as he had hoped. He was sitting there with his feet stretched out in front of him, his hand writing slashing notes on a piece of paperwork, and his head tilted to hold the cordless phone at the crook of his neck. He wasn't saying much, but the notes he was taking didn't bode well. Hisawe curled up in the chair near the fire and watched as he took a breath and let the broker have it.

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