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Pillow Talk

Title: Pillow Talk
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: after sex cuddles
Note: happy birthday, quitethecouple!

“Your feet are freezing.”

Gippal’s answer was a sleepy yawn. “They wouldn’t be if you didn’t steal all the blankets.”

“I never steal.” Her hands slid over his shoulders, savoring the feel of sweat-slicked muscles under her fingertips. “I just take my fair share.” She didn’t add that said blankets were now in a tumbled heap on the floor where the two of them had kicked them off with their movements earlier.

He raised his head from the comfortable spot he found on her side, an incredulous look on his face. “I’m not even gonna touch that one.” His words were slurred together and he pressed a kiss to her hip.

Rikku smirked, one of her hands lazily running through his hair. “Good, because then I wouldn’t have to bring up the way you take all the pillows.”

His words were muffled. “My bed, my pillows.” His arms wrapped tighter around her waist. “You can hog all the pillows you want when we spend the night in your room.”

“How generous.” Her giggle had his head bouncing atop her belly. Rikku propped herself up on her elbows as Gippal slid up her body until he was nose to nose with her.

“I’m a generous kind of guy.” He dipped his head down and kissed her, loving the way that her hands trailed down his biceps and how she wrapped her legs around him, her ankles locking together at the small of his back. There wasn’t anything hurried about their kiss, nothing desperate or raw, just this bone deep feeling of satisfaction that came with being with the one woman he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Granted, they’d be spending the majority of it fussing and teasing the other, but then that would only give them plenty of opportunities to make up afterwards.

Rolling to his side, he sighed into her hair as she curled up against him, one leg draped over his, her foot sliding down along his calf. Her breath brushed against his collarbone and he captured one of her hands in his, holding it close to his chest.

“We have to get up in an hour,” she groused, splaying out her fingers so that they were pressed against his palm. She carefully scrutinized the differences between their hand sizes in the pre-morning light. His were far larger than hers, but instead of making her feel inferior, it made her feel safe, protected.

He wound his fingers around hers, bringing them up to his lips. “Call in sick. I’m sure the boss will understand.”

“Kind of hard to do, seeing that the boss just had a demonstration of how very well I actually am.”

Gippal shrugged. “Try it anyway; I’ll just have to spend the rest of the day kissing you to make you feel better.” He let go of her hand and smoothed his palm down her side, her unbound hair sliding over his skin.

“What about you? Just going to slack off work to spend the entire day in bed with me?”

“Sounds like a pretty good idea. Glad you came up with it.” He yawned again, not bothering to cover his mouth. He shut his eyes, feeling her settle into a comfortable position against him.



“Your feet are still cold.”

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