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Train of Thought

Title: Train of Thought
Challenge: It’s not all Gippal, Gippal, Gippal you know.
Rating: PG
Summary: The inner musings of a certain Gullwing do not always center on Gippal.
Note: Happy birthday, hanarina!

I don’t know why people think I’m so hung up on Gippal. I mean, it’s not all Gippal, Gippal, Gippal all the time on the Rikku Channel, you know. I think of other things.

For instance, I think it’s pretty neat that there’s a machina – strike that, machine – based industry starting out of an old Yevonite temple. The fact that Gippal started it is kind of scary, seeing that when he was younger, the guy couldn’t hold onto two pieces of gil for longer than a second before losing it. Now he’s paying hundreds of workers, sometimes including yours truly, to dig up stuff in the desert.

See, thinking about a business. Not Gippal. Nope.

And I think about technical stuff too. I’m pretty handy when it comes to wiring things together, and nothing’s blown up yet. Okay, so nothing’s blown up because I put it together, let’s put it that way. Things going kaboom because of people throwing blitz balls and jabbing at them with swords is something completely different. I won’t name names, Wakka and Tidus. When Shinra left to go do his own thing, someone had to keep up with the sphere network. And so what if I made sure that upgrades to the Djose connection were done first? Again, there’s a business there that we Gullwings might benefit from helping every now and then. I’ve got the team’s best interests at heart, ya know.

Of course there’s food. Buddy always teases that I can eat my weight in food plus some, but I think he’s just jealous that I won the hot dog eating contest last time we went to Bikanel. It was pretty tough, some dude named Zell or something like that almost took the title away from me. Don’t know where the guy came from, but he kind of vanished afterwards. Huh. Anyway, I can make a mean pot roast whenever Barkeep lets me hop over the counter and help him out in the kitchen. Guy’s really protective of his cookware, let me tell you. Sheesh, you accidentally set fire to one oven mitt and you’re branded for life. I remember, there was this one time that I stayed at the temple – freak sandstorm closed out all the roads to the desert – and Gippal said that my cooking didn’t taste too bad. Okay, as compliments go, it wasn’t the best, but still. He did clean his plate and lick his lips afterwards, which was kind of distracting…

Um, food. Thinking about food, not Gippal. Moving on now.

Okay, so there’s clothes. And boy do I have a lot of ‘em. Now that Yunie and Paine are gone, I’ve got the entire upper deck instead of just one bunk. Brother’s been complaining that I’m cluttering it up with all the “girly junk” that I’ve been buying with my share of the profits, but I can’t help it if I like to look nice, unlike him, who thinks that wearing the same pair of baggy pants is a “look” that he’s worked hard to cultivate. Yeah, it’s a statement all right; it says I’m too lazy to do my laundry so I make my little sister wash my dirty socks. My dirty, smelly socks that are so gross that they can practically walk themselves to the laundry room. I really wish he’d go shopping for something new. Heck, he can give me the money and I’ll go shopping for him. His “look” needs updating anyway and who knows what he would come up with if left without supervision. And it wouldn’t help his mood any if he got hooked up with some poor, unsuspecting girl who somehow fell in love with him before she realized what a bonehead he was. Maybe I can help him out with that.

Hmm, purple would be a good color on him. Maybe a dark purple, to bring out the yellow of his hair, well, what hair he hasn’t decided to shave off. I don’t know why he did that, he looks better with a full head of hair instead. Maybe his new hypothetical girlfriend could get him to grow it back. Light purple wouldn’t do his eyes justice, that color’s meant for brighter green eyes, kind of the green you’d see in the Calm Lands or the way the water looks in certain areas of Besaid from above on board the Celsius. And form fitting pants, for crying out loud. If he has to, then he can keep his suspenders off his shoulders, but he needs a shirt that covers up some of the self-done tattoos. They’re not too bad, but kind of flashy. If he fusses, then he can keep the shirt somewhat unbuttoned. Huh, I wonder what he would look like with his shirt unbuttoned. Hell with that, I wonder what he’d look like with it off. I mean, Gippal does wear pretty tight shirts, so there’s not much of a stretch to imagine him without it. I bet he has those little dips in his abs and lines of muscles at his hips. Mmm, muscles.

Ahem. Okay, so you got me. I’ll admit it, I have a huge crush on the guy. All I said was that I didn’t think of Gippal all the time, just sometimes. Didn’t say I ignored him completely. Now if we’re done here, I’m really busy thinking up ways to get him to start thinking about Rikku, Rikku, Rikku all the time.

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