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Yo Ho Ho

Title: Yo Ho Ho
Rating: G
Challenge: Pirates
Note: Happy Birthday, yuna1881!

“This is stupid.”

“You think that’s dumb, try wearing this.” Rikku gasped as she tried to adjust her corset, her breath coming in shallow pants. “Whenever I find whoever invented these things, I’m going to strangle them.”

Gippal came up behind her and loosened the ties at her back. “I don’t know; I kinda like it.” From the mirror, Rikku could see the path his eye took down to the mountain of cleavage she hadn’t previously known she could generate.

“You would.” Not that she had any cause to complain either; the shirt Gippal was wearing was unbuttoned almost to his navel and showed off a tantalizing view of his chest and lightly muscled abs. The form fitting black pants were a bonus too, especially tucked into the boots he was wearing.

“So all we have to do is make an appearance at this costume party thing and then make a break for it, right?”

Rikku held out the invitation. Tobli was hosting some sort of gala grand opening for another attraction on the Calm Lands and he had personally invited Rikku. Rikku and one guest, the invitation had actually read, which was probably why Gippal thought the whole thing was stupid. He hadn’t been invited. “Well, it would be kind of rude if we just showed up to say that we were there without staying for a little longer. Besides, there’s going to be food.”

Gippal moved over to the dresser. Leaning closer to the mirror, he took the usual pink stud in his earlobe and replaced it with a gold hook. “Well, how do I look?” He stood back and flung his arms out wide.

Rikku giggled and straightened the bright red bandanna he had tied around his head. “Perfect. Just like I thought you would.”

He touched his eye patch and grinned. “At least I didn’t have to buy this when I got the costume.” He gave her outfit another once over before leering. Rikku barely had any breath to gasp when he grabbed her and slung her over his shoulders. “Arr, I’m a pirate captain stealing some princess booty.”

Rikku rolled her eyes from her perch on his shoulder. She waved at some of the Djose workers who had paused to see just what the commotion was coming down the main hallway. “Lame, Gippal. Very lame.”

Once they were outside and near the waiting Celsius, he set her down. “What? You’d rather be my pirate wench then?”

Rikku reached up and plucked Gippal’s hat off his head. Setting it at a jaunty angle on her own, she stood up on her tiptoes and brushed a kiss over his stubbled chin. “Now that,” she said, “I like.”

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