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Title: Please
Rating: G
Challenge: ass kissing not required but appreciated
Note: Happy birthday, theoreticalpixy!

That is a great looking outfit.”

“Thanks, I just got it.”

“No, I mean, seriously. It really brings out the color of your eyes. Very pretty eyes, I might add.”

“I dunno, they’re pretty much the same as every other Al Bhed. You know, all green and swirly?”

“No, no, they’re different. I really like your eyes.”

Rikku sighed and rolled her aforementioned pretty eyes. “Gippal, what is it that you want? I’m kinda running on a tight schedule as it is.” She was supposed to get the latest shipment of machina from Djose and back to the ship that was waiting on the shore. Just six months after her cousin had brought about the latest Calm – the Eternal Calm, people were already calling it – her father and several other like-minded individuals had decided to go around Spira and start educating the everyday person on machina now that the taboo on the subject had been lifted. It was fun, especially since most of the people there were treating the things that she had been using since she was a kid with absolute awe. Really, she couldn’t understand why people were getting so excited about a mechanical toothbrush.

But if she didn’t hurry up with this latest supply, Pops was going to kill her. She really didn’t have any time to spare for whatever Gippal was fishing around with.

“Be my girlfriend.”

Her eyes widened. “What?

He held out his hands in front of him. “Only for ten minutes! I really, really need you to do this for me. There’s this new girl from Luca that decided to join the Faction and ever since she’s been here, she’s been trying to flirt with me. I already told her that I’m not interested in her, but she won’t give up.” He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. “I was kinda hoping that if she saw that I was involved in someone that she’d go away.”

Rikku couldn’t help it. She burst out laughing. “I’m sorry, Gippal,” she gasped, wiping at her eyes while she bit back giggles. “But it’s really hard to imagine someone that had all the girls following him back at Home having problems with some Yevonite stalker-girl.”

“It’s different,” Gippal sounded affronted. “She’s scary.”

“Is she around?”

“Yeah, she’s down there, getting ready to head out to the desert. I figured that if I couldn’t get rid of her any other way, then I might as well send her as far away as possible.” He pointed down towards a tent where there was a girl around Rikku’s age standing around with a bunch of other people. Just then, she looked up at them with such an adoring look in her eyes that Rikku had to grimace.

“Okay, you got me. The girl is odd. But I still don’t see…”

Gippal grabbed onto Rikku’s hand. “She snuck into my bedroom last night. Please, Rikku. Do this for me.”

She was having too much fun. “I don’t know…”

“Did I mention how gorgeous you look? Because you do. Those beads really make your hair all…” he searched for a word. “Shimmery.”

“That was awful, Gippal.”

“I know.” He followed her as she walked away towards the bridges. “I’m not used to begging, give me a break.”

They were getting closer and closer to the tent. Rikku sighed and put down her boxes. “Here’s a helpful hint then.”


She reached out and grabbed two fistfuls of his shirt in her hands. “Ass kissing is not required.” She stood up on tiptoes and brushed her mouth against his. “But it is appreciated.” She slanted her mouth harder over his and plastered herself against him. She really did pick a good time to decide to change her outfit, the bikini top and low slung skirt let her feel every inch of Gippal that she was pressed against. His hands were rough with calluses but warm where he splayed his palm at the small of her back and where he cupped the back of her neck. Applause had broken out from the other workers, but the two of them didn’t give a damn.

“Wow,” he breathed over her lips, his hands staying where they were.

“Yeah.” She sank down on her heels, her fingers running over his shirt. “Though boyfriends don’t usually look so poleaxed when their girlfriends kiss them.”

“That’s because all other boyfriends didn’t have you as a girlfriend.”

She bent to pick up her boxes. “So I’ll see you in a couple of weeks?”

He reached out and plucked a box from her hands. “Now what kind of guy would let his girl walk off without offering to help?” He used one hand to hold the box against his side and wound his free hand around her waist.

“Think that did the trick?”

Gippal looked over his shoulder at the worker. She smiled huge and gave him a thumbs up. Really, he was going to have to bump up her wages for agreeing to play the part of lovesick girl. “Who cares,” he said instead, kissing the crown of Rikku’s hair. “Are you free for dinner tonight?”

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