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1 sentence Rikku/Gippal claim

Fandom: FFX-2
Pairing: Rikku/Gippal
Theme Set: Delta
Rating: T
Warnings: None, except that some sentences are set before and during FFX and I switched the order that they went into.
Note: Cross-posted to 1sentence and quitethecouple

#19 – Grave
“My mom is gone too,” the little girl next to him said, taking his hand as they stood by his mother’s freshly dug grave; the only thing he knew about her was that she was Elder Cid’s daughter, but he squeezed her hand and held on tightly through the remainder of the funeral.

#02 – Apples
Rin had brought in a shipment of apples from the mainland a few days ago – he pretended not to see the pair of Al Bhed children sneak next to his satchel and pilfer two; he’d just ask Cid for the gil later.

#04 – Bugs
She’d scream and run when he held out huge desert bugs in front of her, but what Gippal didn’t know was that Rikku only ran so that he could chase her.

#09 – Drink
“You have your own,” she’d argue, rolling her eyes when he shrugged and rationalized that her drink had been closer to him than his own.

#28 – New
Change never bothered Rikku, but the new way that she was seeing her friend had her heart flipping in her chest and butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

#32 – Pretty
“You’re just too pretty for your own good,” was her reason why the girls – her included, though she tried not to be noticeable about it – followed him around Home like lovesick puppies.

#03 – Beginning
Gippal was still in the phase where girls were gross and had millions of girl-germs, but when Rikku walked around with her hair braided like she currently had it, he began to see what the older boys were talking about.

#06 – Dark
Waking up in the dark, all he could remember of the explosion was a stabbing pain in his eye, but he could feel Rikku sleeping beside him, so he figured everything was going to be fine.

#23 – Honor
Rikku’s rambling: It’s just the midsummer dance and I know that you’ve probably been asked by a bunch of other girls and it’s really last minute of me… was cut off in mid-sentence by Gippal looking her in the eyes and sincerely telling her that it would be an honor to be her date for the evening.

#21 – Head
She wanted to scream at him because he was so stubborn, but didn’t because she knew he’d fire back with how hardheaded she was as well.

#15 – Flexible
“Woah, never thought Cid’s Girl would be so bendy” had earned him a smack upside the head, but it had totally been worth it.

#37 – Snakes
He never made fun of her fear of lighting because she never made fun of his fear of snakes.

#27 – Metal
“I’ll wear it all the time,” she gushed, hopping up and down on her toes as Gippal fastened the metal necklace he had made for her.

#14 – Fire
He wanted to tell her that she looked beautiful by the light of the bonfire on the beach, but he knew that she’d be embarrassed and probably think that he was teasing her again.

#39 – Solid
She locked her knees, hoping that by willing her legs to stay solid that they wouldn’t feel as jellylike as they always did when Gippal kissed her.

#10 – Duty
“I have to go; people say that they have a duty to fight Sin but never count the Al Bhed to help: I want to be counted.”

#22 – Hollow
Her just so you know, I’m not going to miss you at all sounded fake and hollow even to her own ears.

#25 – Light
Morning light sifted through the material of their tent – both of them held onto the other, hoping that they could delay the start of the day by a few more minutes.

#11 – Earth
His breath caught at the sights and sounds of a world so unfamiliar to the desert – more than anything, he wanted to show Rikku everything he was experiencing.

#40 – Spring
There were few sentimental things in her bag that she’d taken from Home: two poorly constructed figurines that danced together when she wound up the spring were among her most prized possessions – they’d been given to her years ago by a boy that was currently having his own adventure away from Bikanel and she took them out almost every night she was on her cousin’s pilgrimage.

#34 – Regret
When asked if there was anything that he regretted about joining the Crimson Squad, he’d say no, keeping the memory of Rikku telling him goodbye (the only thing he regretted about their parting was that it had been his fault that she had almost cried) to himself.

#07 – Despair
When he heard that Home had been destroyed, the only thing that played over and over in his head was that Rikku had been there, sending him into a depression he didn’t know how to get himself out of.

#20 – Green
She stared out at the Calm Land’s expanse of green and suddenly felt a pang of homesickness; the grass that the sun didn’t quite hit was the exact same color as Gippal’s eyes.

#01 – Air
Djose was odd in the fact that the air didn’t smell like oil or metal; and if he was honest with himself, what bothered him the most was that it was missing the floral scent Rikku always wore.

#08 – Doors
She hadn’t even stepped inside the former temple’s doors when he had grabbed her and kissed her senseless; it took a while to explain to him that yes, she had been at Home during the blast but that she had gotten out safely, mostly because he wouldn’t let her come up for air long enough to say a full sentence.

#30 – Peace
He ran a hand down her back and started up at the ceiling while listening to her sleep, feeling at peace for the first time in a very long time.

#44 – Taboo
Now that the taboo on machina had been lifted, he was proud that Rikku was spending her time educating people on the things that the two of them had been using on a regular basis most of their lives.

#50 – Wood
He expected the pink and blue beads in her hair to be made out of glass, but when he pulled them out and let them drop to the floor with the rest of her clothes, he found out that they were carved from wood instead.

#13 – Fall
He can’t remember the exact moment that he fell for her; it happened so gradually that it just kind of snuck up on him from behind.

#33 – Rain
She couldn’t feel the rain pouring down over them with Gippal’s hands moving over her body like they were and the once frightening sound of thunder was drowned out by the pounding beat of her heart.

#26 – Lost
Paine found Rikku amid the mess her teammate had made of their bunk, searching frantically for something that she had lost – really, Paine couldn’t see why anything as small as a beaten up necklace would be worth all the fuss.

#29 – Old
We were quite the couple was what he had always thought of their relationship; the way that she had reacted when he told her friends made him quietly wonder when she had let go of old memories.

#18 – Foot
She felt her face grow hot as Yuna and Paine stared expectantly back at her – she really should have kept quiet when it came to talking about Gippal; now she’d put her foot in her big mouth and said too much for him to simply be “just someone I know.”

#24 – Hope
He couldn’t keep the hopeful tone out of his voice when he nonchalantly asked her if she was planning on staying around Djose for a little while longer.

#38 – Snow
She’d forgotten how cold Gagazet was as she burrowed her face against the snow into the thick scarf Gippal had given her as a birthday present, wishing for the millionth time that her wardrobe was more substantial.

#45 – Ugly
“Far from ugly,” was the only thing that his overheated brain could come up with when Rikku had asked his opinion on how she looked while wearing her Lady Luck dressphere.

#16 – Flying
He waved to the Celsius as it took to the air, promising to himself that no matter where she’d find herself flying off to, he’d always be there on the ground when she got back.

#41 – Stable
“Stability is overrated; I like girls who are spontaneous.”

#05 – Coffee
“You’ve got to clean off your desk once and a while,” she commented, crinkling her nose at the stained coffee cup that probably hadn’t been washed in days.

#12 – End
“You make marriage sound like it’s the end of the world, Gippster,” she quipped, silently hoping that one day he wouldn’t view their relationship as such.

#17 – Food
Rule number one when dealing with Rikku: while on a date, do not poke her in the side and ask “Just where do you put all that food?”

#31 – Poison
He looked at the meal she had cooked for him with some trepidation; she wasn’t the best of cooks, but he knew that she’d probably hit him with a skillet if he suggested having a remedy for food poisoning nearby.

#35 – Roses
He’d gone back and forth on his decision, but seeing the way that Rikku happily buried her nose in the bouquet of red and orange flowers made him glad that he hadn’t picked out generic roses.

#42 – Strange
“I thought guys were supposed to ask their girl’s dads if they could see them; why do you think that it’s weird?”

#43 – Summer
He should have felt guilty about spending a lazy summer day in Kilika, his head pillowed by his best girl’s lap and a fruity drink with an umbrella in it at his elbow, but he really didn’t.

#46 – War
The workers at Djose were pretty used to their boss’ war of words with his girlfriend; there were bets going around the temple every spat to see which one of them would come out the winner.

#47 – Water
The calm, glasslike waters of the Moonflow were disturbed when Gippal plucked a flower from the surface and tucked it behind her ear.

#48 – Welcome
He was tired and dirty from his trip to the desert, but she didn’t seem to care as she gave him a welcome back hug.

#49 – Winter
Wintertime on the mainland was a lot better than on Bikanel; it got colder, which meant more opportunities to snuggle with his favorite Gullwing.

#36 – Secret
“I think it’s cute that they keep their relationship a secret,” Rikku overheard Yuna say one night, cringing when she realized that their covert operations hadn’t actually been so stealthy after all.

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