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A Novel Idea Ch. 1.0

Originally posted at my main lj iceprincessd, but I decided to move it to my writing one. All other updates will be here at bossy_muses. Yay, first ever legacy! Please forgive the first couple of screenshots; I was still playing around with Gadwin's preference settings.

a novel idea gen 1.0 title page

author novel stats

Meet our founder. We're going to be basing the family's first names on books, so I figured I'd start off Generation One with Author Novel. Author, get it? *sound of crickets chirping* Anyway, moving on. Author is a middle of the road sort of sim who's kinda neat, kinda outgoing, somewhat active, a little bit serious, a little bit playful, and an overall nice guy. He's turned on by blonde underwear models, but doesn't like stinky people. More than anything, he wants to become a Chief of Staff in the medical field before he dies. Note that he's also a Monty Python fan.

Author: Hello!

bird hunting

And already, he's looking for somebody to kick this legacy off. We like how enthusiastic he is.

Author: So, where are all the blonde chicks you promised me? I don't see any.

legacy house start

It's going to be hard to find one here, seeing that this is all you've got to start out with.

Author: What?! This is just a bathroom set out in the middle of nowhere!
Me: No it isn't. It's a bathroom, bookcase, couch, fridge and a microwave set out in the middle of nowhere. Didn't you read the fine print? You've got to build the rest of it.
Author: I didn't sign on for this. At least there's a bookcase. *goes off to read*

journal writing

Author: Dear Journal, I'm the proud owner of a bathroom and have about ten simoleans left to my name. SimGod hates me.

job hunting

In order to have more than just a bathroom and a few objects to his name, Author needed a job. Luckily, the opening spot for the Medical track was in the paper.

Author: So I'm gonna be like that hot doctor on ER, right?
Me: Erm, not exactly. You're going to be the nameless EMT that's in the background while the hot doctor on ER takes center stage.
Author: *grumble*

matchmaker matchmaker

Seeing that for a Legacy to happen, he's going to have to find a sweetie to do nothing but pop out babies start a life with. We thought a trip to the local matchmaker was in order.

Author: All I have is $10.
Matchmaker: *tries not to laugh* Yeah, that'll get you your dream woman.

In reality, it bought him a date with an elderly college professor. Author, being the nice guy that he is, thought to make the best of the disaster (and avoid thinking about how he blew his last ten bucks on a crappy date) and spent their remaining time together talking and telling jokes. Unfortunately, Professor Lady didn't like his sense of humor (and didn't know why swallows would even bother carrying coconuts in the first place) and wound up frowning at everything he said. At the end of the night, Author was not only broke, but he had been found to be a terrible bore.

All that talking and joke telling took a toll on a guy. Because he didn't have anything decent to eat in his fridge, Author headed downtown and fired up the grill.


First burnt meal of the legacy! That's okay, Author. We still love you, BB. *pats* I didn't take any pictures, but he looked like he was trying his best not to throw up the burnt hot dogs of fail. There weren't any blondes to chat up with at the place he was at, so he wandered off to the grocery store downtown, because you know you can always find love in the canned soup aisle.

trista shaw stats

Will wonders never cease, he found someone! He was reaching for the coconut milk for future pina coladas when he heard someone behind him say that he should only get the brand imported from Mercia, even if Mercia was a temperate zone and coconuts were tropical. Turning around, he found the cutest blondie he'd ever laid eyes on.

Author: I'll only buy it if African swallows were used to carry it to the store.
Trista: Who else would do it? I mean, European swallows couldn't, even if they did tie a line around the can and try to fly in tandem.
Author: OMG SimGod, I take back all the mean things I said about you earlier! I think I love her!

Turns out that Trista is a sort of sloppy, kinda shy, very active, serious sim that's sometimes nice and sometimes grouchy, though she tends to lean more towards the grouchy side of the spectrum. Trista likes creative swimsuit types, but can't stand the overly creative ones that have custom hair. Neon hair is just too over the top for her. She's in the restaurant business, but she wants to throw her old job behind her and start up a life of crime. Her lifetime want is to become a criminal mastermind. Author doesn't care that he might be sleeping with the person plotting to take over the world one evil monologue at a time, all he can do is look at her with this dreamy expression on his face and go "Guh."

A couple of dates later and Trista decides to move in with him. She brings in about 3,000 simoleans with her, which is enough to put a roof over their heads and actually make a bedroom.

Trista: Honey, we've got to do some interior decorating. The grass and drywall is not cutting it.
Author: Anything you say, dearest. *swoons in a shower of hearts every ten seconds*

classy engagement

Things get serious, and after a couple of woo hoo sessions, Author pops the question. Always classy, he does it while they're both in their underwear as soon as they hop out of bed, which I guess is better than proposing naked. Needless to say, she says yes.

gen 1 wedding

They get dressed and have a quickie wedding in the living room, with the bookcase present as a witness.

mixed up memories

Trista's a great gal, but her memory is sort of foggy. I could have sworn that they kissed a whole bunch before woo hoo.

how it was remembered

Author shares my recollection.

snuggle freckles

They have a pretty good thing going. Trista can't find an opening in the Criminal track, so she sticks to the restaurant business until the paper or the online ads say otherwise. Author, bless his heart, can't get a break in his job, even if he does have the required skill levels for a promotion. They might not have much, but they've got each other, and that's a lot for love - we'll give it a shot... *rocks out to 80's era Bon Jovi* Also, this picture was taken to show my love for Author's shoulder freckles. *loves*

first sign of legacy babies

Their good thing continues, until the tell-tale sign that the Legacy is finally starting off.

Trista: Ugh, I can't tell if I'm pregnant or if I just couldn't stand the sight of that ugly easel Author bought yesterday.
Me: Sweetie, it ain't the easel.
Trista: Does that mean that I can eat pickles and ice cream now?
Me: To your heart's content, babe.
Trista: Awesome!

Yeah, let's see if she keeps that enthusiasm up for long.


Invisible pop!

Trista: So it really wasn't the easel!

maternity clothes

A quick change later and we can see the bump.

first trashcan knockover

HEY! I don't even know you! Whatchadoin' knocking over people's trashcans, lady?

first chance card

Oooh, first chance card of the legacy! Better run on foot!


FAIL. At least he's not demoted.

first demotion

I spoke too soon. And Author looks like he's in denial.

Author: La la la. Who had a meeting with their boss, got chewed up one side and down the other and then demoted this afternoon? Not me! Nope!

demotion sinks in

Author: MY LIFE IS MADE OF FAIL! *sobs*

Ah, it finally sank in. Poor baby. *hugs* He actually goes on like this for a couple of hours.

cereal makes it all better

That's right, comfort food makes it all better. Also, FRECKLES ON THE BACK! And is that Bella Goth on the "Have you seen me" side of the milk carton?

chess is hard

To pick his spirits up, I bought them a chess board. Chess is hard when you're not playing on the computer and you get to hit the "hint" key every turn, innit?

chess is hard 2

Trista thinks so too.

building a legacy

This is how she spends most of her time off on maternity leave. And this is how she spends the rest of it:

romance novel spam 1

romance novel spam 2

romance novel spam 3
[/romance novel spam]

first babytimes

Labor pains ahoy!

Trista: This wasn't like the parenting book said it would be!
Me: You barely even read the parenting book. Skimming doesn't count.
Trista: But, TL;DR.
Me: Obvoiusly you missed the chapter titled "What to Expect When You're Delivering: Excruciating Pain the Likes You've Never Seen Before."
Author: Honey, I'm trying to read. Could you be a little bit quieter?

The shot that was supposed to be after this one was censored. Needless to say, Trista took hold of Author's bottom lip and tried to pull it over his head, just so he could experience the pain she was having.

baby choice

Please not quads, please not quads...

baby outcome

Whew! I don't know if I could have handled having four babies at the same time.

baby jane

And we'll end this portion with a shot of baby Jane! Jane, as in Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. All other children for Generation Two will have names from that book.

Trista and Author: What do you mean, all other children?
Me: What? You think that I'd just let you get away with having one? Where's the fun in that?
Trista: I didn't sign on for this.
Author: I already tried that excuse. It won't work.


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Jul. 12th, 2009 06:13 pm (UTC)
I love the baby pic it's adorable. This is a really funny Legacy, I'll be sure to keep up with it.
Jul. 12th, 2009 10:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Jul. 13th, 2009 12:19 am (UTC)
Oh wow. Pride and Prejudice, Monty Python, and Bill Cosby references in one legacy. Def. going to be following this one.
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