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A Novel Idea Ch. 1.1

A Novel Idea Ch. 1.1 title page

When we left off, our founder Author had met, woo(hoo)ed and wedded the lovely Trista, gotten a demotion, and was in a decidely grumpy mood with me for involving him in a legacy in the first place. Trista spent the majority of her maternity leave playing Sims 3, reading romance novels, and generally plotting world domination. Baby Jane was born.

One of Those Sims

Trista: HEY! Look who's home with a promotion! Whee! Am I awesome or what?

Oh. So it looks like Trista is one of those Sims, who spend a good two simhours standing by the mail box shouting out how awesome they are, even if no one is looking. Seeing that she got to the top of the Culinary career track and the Criminal track is still nowhere to be found, I'm going to let her stay in that field for a little longer. Besides, we need the money.

All Hail the Porcelain God

However, that didn't last very long.

Trista: Does this mean ice cream and olives?
Me: Uh huh.
Trista: Sweetness.

She took to this pregnancy a little better than her first. With Jane, she was hungry and tired and barfy all the time, but this one isn't getting her down at all.

Autonomous Feeding FTW

daddy's girl

They're both such good parents. Author actually finished reading the parenting book, so he has the option to check up on Jane to see what she wants. He's often the one that changes the dirty diapers and she's the one that's taken control of the feedings, but Author has a higher relationship with Jane. I'm thinking it's because I find him going to the nursery late at night to check up on her before going to bed himself. He even tucks her into her crib, which is adorable to watch.

Yoo Hoo

Trista: Hey, SimGod! Something's happening!

Pop #2.1

Baby bump!

Bad Babysitter #1

Babysitting. You're doing it wrong. The sitter I hired so that both Author and Trista could work spent much of her time playing on the computer, raiding their fridge, and then feeding Jane when she needed her diaper changed instead. She let poor Jane sit on the cold, hard floor for half the day before finally picking her up and getting her a clean diaper. Trista fired her when she got home.

Bad Babysitter #2

The new nanny wasn't all that better. Really, Trista. Check the agency's credentials next time. Jane has this look on her face that says "Why me?" I know, baby. I know.

Birthday Take 1

Having spent the majority of her infancy on the floor and in the care of incompetent nannies, it was time for Jane to grow up into a toddler. Author had brought home a co-worker, so they even had enough people around for a party! Unfortunately, Jane took her sweet time aging up, and while waiting for her to grow up, Trista, the first sim I've ever had that's had a dramaless pregnancy, drops dead.

I was shocked. She hadn't been in the red in anything and there wasn't a reason for her to die. By the happy look on Jane's face, I'm thinking that she plotted it. She probably figured that her mother was the reason that she spent so much time on the floor and she'd waited patiently until she could get her revenge. Ironically, Trista dropped dead in the same spot Jane spent so much of her time at.

Plead With Death

Author, realizing that there was something wrong (even though his co-worker was still cheering like crazy - I don't know if he was stupid, or if he was horrified that his co-worker's wife had just died in front of their child and didn't want the memory of the occasion to be unhappy, or what) put Jane on the floor (bad move Author! She's gonna get you next!) and made a beeline to Death, who was in the process of taking his beloved wife to the hereafter.

Author: Please don't take her! She's the love of my life! I don't know what I'd do without her!
Death: You just don't want me to take her because it would mean you'd have to start the whole dating thing all over from scratch again.
Author: Well, yeah, that too. And SimGod will make my life hell until I find somebody else to continue this legacy with, but I do love her!
Death: Well, I guess I can let you try to win her life back.

Pick A Hand

Death: Pick a hand! Which one is her soul in?

Uh oh, Author. This could be bad. You're 0 for 1 with the chance cards already.

Author: Don't remind me!
Death: Well?
Author: Don't screw up, don't screw up... This one?

Author Pwns Death

Death: Damn!
Author: Woo!
Death: Best of three?

Not Made of Fail

Author: Who's made of fail now?! I totally kicked your ass!
Death: Yeah, whatever. Look, are you going to take long to gloat? I've got a 10:30 appointment with some guy that thinks it's a good idea to light chainsaws on fire and juggle them.

Obviously, Death is a sore loser. He ressurects Trista and then leaves without getting a slice of cake.

Saved From Death Hugs #2

Co-Worker: OMG my co-worker is awesome! Wait till I tell everyone at the hospital!
Trista: You saved me from death! My hero! *hugs*

Saved From Death Hugs #1

Author: *hugs back* Don't ever leave me again!

Awww. See? Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.

OMG Snow

Trista seemed to gain a better appreciation for life after having left it momentarily.

Trista: OMG, everything looks so much clearer! Look at the snow outside! It's beautiful!

Post-Death Makeouts

And since she didn't have to worry about going towards the light any more, she had more time to focus on important things, like telling her husband just how awesome she thought he was.

Author: Sex now?
Author: Oh, right. Birthday time. (to Trista) Sex later?

Pop #2.2

But first, unborn baby has to steal their older sibling's thunder. Second pop, now with pink dust!

Birthday Take 2

Trying this again. Unfortunately, by the time that everything was said and done, it was morning and Author's carpool had arrived. I tried to get him to wait, but he walked out the door to go to work, so Jane's birthday party involved just her and Trista. Inappropriate!Cheering Co-Worker had left a long time ago.

Baby Transition

And we toss the baby!

Toddler Jane

And catch the toddler! Aww, innit she cute? She just didn't look like a pink wearing toddler, so I changed her into a blue dress instead. And she seemed to have gotten over being angry with Mommy leaving her with stupid nannies, because she and Trista soon got along great. I looked at her stats and she has ONE nice point. Evil child! I blame her mom for all the pre-delivery talk of taking over the world. No wonder she and Trista get along so well.

Logic is Hard

Yay Logic

Princess is Not Pleased

Toddler Talk #3

[/toddler spam]

Toddler Talk #1

Trista: Say "High chair!" "High chair!"
Jane: Throne from which I shall oversee all my minions, starting with you!
Trista: Mommy is not a minion, sweetie. And you'll have to inherit the world after I die, because that's the only way you're getting it, do I make myself clear?
Jane: *begins plotting death*

Yeah, you just thought she was cute.

Toddler Talk #2

Trista: Say "Supreme ruler of the world, muahaha."
Jane: Ma Ma!
Trista: Eh, that'll work too.

No Peeking

Hey, I thought we fired you!

Trista: That bitch is reading my journal, isnt' she?
Bad Nanny #2: That bitch is writing about me in her journal, isn't she?

Trista Smash

Trista: RAAAAAAGE. It was you who kept putting my child on the floor!

And then there was much pushing and shoving that went on before I had Trista fire her again. The Nanny held her own to the finger pokes in the chest, which made me hurry up and fire her before there was a fistfight in front of impressionable children. Then Trista quit her job, because now with no nanny, we would have to have someone stay behind to watch Jane. And Author is acutally getting some promotions now, so he automatically takes himself out of the drawing for the parent to stay behind.

Promotions are Good

Author: MY LIFE IS MADE OF - wait a minute...

Helloooo nurse! That's right, Author! Promotions are good! Turns out that he was actually just telling me how tired he was instead of bemoaning how failsome his life is. He's gotten a few promotions back to back and the start/end times piggybacked, so he hasn't slept in three days. We sent him to bed before he passed out on the front lawn.

First Potty Training Face

Now a stay at home mom, Trista's first order of business was to potty train Jane. I love Potty Training faces!

Yay Potty

Yay, potty! Wooo! Seriously, she cheered like this every time Jane got off the pot.

Daddy's Little Princess

Author: Who's Daddy's little princess? You are!

And then I went "awwwwww" because he interacts more with her than Trista does. Sure, she's spent the time teaching her to talk, walk, sing nursery rhymes and go to the bathroom, but Author's the parent that snuggles and plays with his kids. And even though he only sees Jane for about two sim hours a day, they have a higher relationship score than Jane does with Trista, who's with her all day long.

Trista: Teaching her how to best use evilness to her best advantage doesn't leave much time for cuddles.

Yeah, okay.

Guess the Theme

Trista: Aaaugh! Why didn't I finish that parenting book?!
Author: Something happening? *keeps reading*

Can you see the trend in delivery behavior going on here?

Baby Outcome 2.2

And another single kid! I have the triplet and quad mod installed, but I'm wondering if I need to raise the odds of multiple births more than the default.

Baby Elizabeth

And here's Baby Elizabeth! She inherited Trista's eyes, but got Author's hair. And if you look closely, you can see that she also got Author's freckles! That fact alone puts her in top spot for Heir, but we'll see how she is once she grows up a bit.

Jane: I sense a disturbance in the Force. There is one in this household that may be cuter than myself.

And that's it for now!



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Jul. 10th, 2009 05:06 am (UTC)
Hehe, you're getting me addicted. I may need to find my Sims 2 disk (or steal my best friend's since she's moved onto the bigger and better Sims 3 which my pathetic laptop will not run.)

WTF? She randomly died? I've actually never had any of my Sims die on me since I usually just move the kids out and continue on with them. It was totally Jane's fault. :-D
Jul. 11th, 2009 03:33 am (UTC)
I was sad when I found out that Sims 3 won't run on my laptop. Oh well, by the time that I get around to buying a desktop, there may be new expansion packs for the game, which is all good!

I've NEVER had a sim randomly die before! I'm thinking that while they were standing around waiting for Jane to age up (the cake was glitchy, but I fixed it) that she starved to death. But I had checked on her before and she had been all in the green, so I really have no clue.

Jane must have contracted Death out, but she didn't bet on her Daddy's eleventh hour power of awesome ruining her plans.
Jul. 13th, 2009 12:00 am (UTC)
"Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while." = One of my favorite quotes from my very very favorite movie in the entire world =D

I had a pregnant Sim drop dead once, but since I didn't like her all that much, I didn't bother resurrecting her LOL

Babies with freckles rule!
Jul. 13th, 2009 12:21 am (UTC)
I love that movie. If I was doing the names based on films, one of the generations would HAVE to have Princess Bride names. :)
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