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dusting off the tablet and brushing off the rust.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of drawing after almost eight or so years of being out of practice. Random scribbly work in progress, which has turned into young!Nate/Moira:

Working with a picture as a loose reference and more than likely Waterhouse later on for a dress. Pretend they're sitting around being all snuggly in the middle of a field or something. :)

As of now, I've discovered these things I need to work on. I'll probably find out a lot more things to practice once I get further along:

* Hands. OMG, practice hands. I'm stuck between giving everyone either sausage fingers or mittens.
* Facial features.
* Porportion
* getting my hands to stop shaking while trying to draw with a tablet and stylus. This is bugging me more than anything else.

I'm using a piece of bristol board on top of my tablet as a drawing surface, and it seems to be working a lot better than drawing straight on the tablet itself or using a piece of thinner paper. I've always been more comfortable working on bristol board anyway, so maybe that has something to do with it. Using Corel Painter X as my paint program.
Tags: artwork, fandom: dragon age, pairing: nathaniel/moira
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