Issa (bossy_muses) wrote,

Going on a semi-hiatus

In an effort to shave off as much extra money in my budget, I've decided to suspend my internet service for 90 days.

Three months. I'll still be on whenever I head out to my parent's place to do laundry, but I wanted to post a heads up just in case anyone thinks that I fell off the radar.

No cable and no internet means firing up the PS2! I've been in the mood to play x-2 over again just for the cheese factor. I need me some cheese. Life's been way too serious lately.

And no distractions means that I can finish up "Someone Like You" without getting online and procrastinating. (This also means that I'll be doing 90% of NaNo offline! A first!) I'm going to try to have Saturdays as my posting date for the rest of my Nate/Moira story, and I'll more than likely pop in on Sundays to check my mail and whatnot.

Here's to saving money!
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