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As fast as my feet can fly, Anders/Amell

Title: As fast as my feet can fly
Rating: PG-13 for vague mentions of sex
Pairing: Anders/Amell, with a teeny bit of Unrequited!Alistair/Amell and a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo for Nathaniel/F!Cousland
Summary: Fifty themes depicting life inside and outside the Circle Tower
Note: This was supposed to be an entry for 1sentence, but then I found that I couldn't stop at merely one sentence per theme. There are a few here and there that managed to meet the criteria (if you ignore the blatant abuse of the comma, that is) but for the most part, this turned out to be around 10,000+ words. I've tried to shuffle the themes around to make a shaky timeline.

And this is the same Theodora Amell that was in A Slice of Freedom, my Secret Swooper gift for emynii. You don't really need to read that one in order to get this, but I thought I'd link them together for archival purposes.

#13 – View
“What are you doing?” The new apprentice the Templars had just brought in the other day was strange – he hadn’t talked to anyone and was seen wandering the halls muttering under his breath.

It was a shame that he was so anti-social; Theodora thought he was rather attractive. If she had to guess, he was more than likely in his mid-teens, just like she was. She had a lot of questions for him, like how he had managed to live so long on the outside without getting ratted out for using magic.

“Looking for a way out,” he replied, which was more than he had ever said to anyone since arriving. “Don’t you people have windows?

“Not this high up the Tower. Now what are you doing?”

He stopped knocking on the wall just long enough to throw her an irritated glance. “If there aren’t any windows, then there’s bound to be hidden doors or passageways or something. The front door can’t be the only entrance and exit to this place.”

“Well, there’s the door in the kitchens. It doesn’t really lead anywhere except the docks where we get our shipments of food, but there’s a really nice view of the mainland from there. Why do you want to know?”

He looked at her as if he wasn’t quite sure what to make of her. “How long have you been in here?”

“Since I was five.”

“And you haven’t stepped foot outside this island since then?”

“Why would I?” Really, she wished he would stop looking at her like that. “So, why do you want to find a window or a way out anyway?”

He gave a short little laugh. “You’re cute, so I won’t burden you. Like you said, I just want to find a nice view.” He extended his hand. “I’m Anders.”

She took his hand, her eyes flying to his when she felt a warm tingle of magic travel up her arm. “I’m Theodora.” The compliment he gave her had her cheeks burning, but she tried to keep her voice level.

He grinned, his grip on her hand solid and firm. “You don’t know how glad I am that I met you.”

She didn’t think anything of it, but the next day the Tower was abuzz with news on how the Templars had shoved him into Knight Commander Greagoir's office and how he spent the day after that in solitary confinement for escaping.

“Well, it seems as if I’ve decided to extend my stay here,” Anders said as he plopped himself in an empty seat next to her in the dining hall. He ignored the irritated look Jowan threw at him when he reached over and tore off a hunk of bread from Theodora’s plate. “At least the food is good.”

“Didn’t like the view?” she asked archly, not looking up from the book on herbs she had borrowed from the library. She made a big show of turning the page and moving her head so that she could only see him out of the corner of her eye. When she found out that he had escaped by stowing away on the boat that had brought in their supplies, she was furious at herself for inadvertently helping him and had decided to dislike him on principle.

Even if he thought she was cute.

“Oh, come on, ‘Dora. Don’t be that way,” he cajoled, bumping her shoulder with his. The brief contact sent another tingle through her arm and she gasped, her face reddening.

“Her name is Theodora,” Jowan said, stabbing his portion of roast more violently than necessary.

Out of her peripheral vision, she could see Anders smirk. “Ah, but she’ll always be ‘Dora to me, isn’t that right?”

She closed her book and sighed. It was the best apology she was going to get out of him, if it even counted as an apology. “That’s an awful nickname,” she said, pushing her half-eaten plate towards him. “The peas are actually quite good today.”

Anders nodded, shoveling a forkful into his mouth. They hadn’t fed him anything during his time in solitary confinement and he was starving. “They looked like they were; I got an up-close view of them a few days ago.” He smirked again when she couldn’t quite smother her giggle. The other mage across the table was glowering at them both, but he didn’t care. At least he had found one person who wasn’t a complete stick-in-the-mud in his new home. Temporary home, he silently amended, wondering how long it would be before he had another chance to try to make a run for it.

#33 – World
He hated History lessons, hated pouring over books and atlases to learn dates and places that held no meaning to him. The books were written in a way that put people to sleep and the atlases only served to remind him of places in Thedas that he was not allowed to go.

She loved History lessons, loved tracing her fingers over the names and places that they were tutored in. The books that they learned from were rather dry reading, but she often closed her eyes and imagined the places in Thedas they described, finding a vast world open to her within the musty pages.

#19 – Candle
For all his moaning and groaning about how he hated it in the Tower, Anders seemed to take to certain lessons. Jowan and Theodora were visiting the library one evening when Theodora spied him hunched over an oversized book. She made her way over to him, but decided against the greeting she had been planning on giving him when she noticed the rhythmic way his shoulders moved.

She shook her head, gently easing the book he was currently creasing the pages of out from under his arm and blowing out the candle at his elbow before he knocked it over in his sleep on accident.

#36 – Laugh
He found himself seeking Theodora out, teasing or joking with her just to see her reaction. She had a carefree laugh, one that was as clear as the little silver bells that used to hang at the front door of his hometown’s inn. The sound had always soothed him, and he was finding out that hearing her laugh in a place that was full of hushed and oppressive silence had the same effect.

#23 – Fire
“I need you to help me practice,” he said.

She didn’t look up from her notes. “If you want me to cut myself so you can practice your healing again, you’ve got another thing coming.”

He rolled his eyes. “Come on; that was just one time and I hardly nicked your finger. You act as if I had stabbed you to practice healing deep puncture wounds.”

“It hurt, you big dope.”

“Then this is your lucky day. You don’t have to do anything except watch from the sidelines and give me pointers today.”

She closed her notebook and gave him her full attention. “Just what am I supposed to be giving you pointers on?”

“Casting fire spells. I’m solid on ice and lightning, but I can hardly make a spark.” He leaned against the table and made big eyes at her. “Help me?”

Fifteen minutes later, they were both in the Tower’s casting circle. “You’re trying too hard,” she explained, watching as the weak flames at the tip of his staff wavered and died. “You can’t force any of the Primal arts to happen.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?”

“Let them use you as a conduit. The trick to any of them is to think of what you want to happen and then let it happen. See?” She held out her hand, a bright flame dancing in the center of her palm.

“Hey, you’re really good at that.”

She closed her fist, the fire immediately extinguishing. “My tutors say I’m a natural.” She thought back to when she had been five. It had been early winter and she had been hiding in her father’s hayloft, wishing with all her might that she could be warm for once that day. She hadn’t even been thinking of it, but she could remember being frightened out of her wits when fire shot out of her fingers and set the hay ablaze.

She cleared her throat. “Now, try it again,” she suggested, tucking her hands into the sleeves of her robes.

#09 – Red
What Anders really disliked was the near absence of color in the Tower. The colors that were sparsely spaced out in between the oppressing grey stone and Templar armor were muted and dim. He missed the vibrant blue of a clear spring day, the crisp green from the fields in summer, the bursting array of colors that filled the marketplace.

And then he saw Theodora sitting in a corner of the library with her knitting needles quietly clicking away, the bright red of her hair standing out amid all the grey like a beacon. She looked up from her project and smiled – he had it on good authority that the yarn dyed a robin’s egg blue was destined to become a pair of socks for him –and suddenly Anders didn’t feel quite so bad.

#03 – Memory
“What do you miss most about the outside?”

“Taking for granted the fact that no one was staring at me every single second of the day.” Anders said that with a resentful glare shot towards a nearby Templar.

Theodora sighed. “Seriously, Anders.”

Anders rolled his eyes, but turned back towards the book he had been pretending to study for the past hour. “All right, I’ll answer you seriously. I miss the sun on my back and the wind in my hair. I miss the smell of the grass after a rainstorm and the taste of warm bread fresh out of the oven. I grew up near a bakery; the lady that ran it had a soft spot for little urchins and always made a roll or two out of leftover dough just for me.” He smiled at the memory. “I’d like to go there again.”

“That does sound nice.”

“What about you? What do you miss most about the outside?”

She tilted her head to the side and frowned. Distant memories bubbled up to the surface: the warm feel of a puppy falling asleep curled up next to her, spending her days outdoors running through fields, and a man with hair the same color as hers swooping her up in his arms and tickling her until she giggled. She blinked and that same man was handing her off to the Templars, his clothes blackened with soot. Papa loves you; don’t ever forget that. I’d do anything to keep you safe, even if it means sending you away. She had turned in the cart that had carried her towards the Tower, watching as her normally larger than life father became a small speck on the horizon. She could clearly remember crying and screaming out for him before one of the older Templars had gently shushed her, but her father had merely stood there, his gaze stuck on the ground at his feet and his shoulders shaking.

She shook her head, bringing herself back to the present. “I can’t remember much,” she said instead. “I was very young when I was brought here.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Yes. I guess it is.”

#07 – Wings
Anders had found a bird near the docks after a storm once. It had been half-starved and exhausted, its wing broken beyond natural repair. He had gently picked it up and gone inside, spending the next three days slowly healing it. The wing had eventually healed, but there hadn’t been a thing Anders could have done to coax it to eat.

“It was it’s time,” Wynne had said gently, her hand on her pupil’s shoulder as he cradled the dead bird in his arms. “You did the best you could.” She pitied the boy; if he would only put aside his wild need to be free of the place and concentrate, she thought that he had the potential to be one of the finest Spirit Healers she had ever taught.

Theodora found him hours later pouring over thick tomes, a stack of parchment full of his own notes nearby. “What are you doing?” she asked, looking over his shoulder. She did poorly in the Creation school of magic; her talents were strongest in the Primal and Entropic schools, but even she recognized the complex glyphs and complicated incantations needed to perform higher level healing spells.

“Getting better,” Anders replied, not looking up from his book. “My best isn’t good enough for me.”

#26 – Ice
“Hold out your hand,” he told her. “And close your eyes.”

“This isn’t some sort of trick, is it?” she asked dubiously.

“Of course not. Come on, ‘Dora, trust me.”

She sighed, but slid her eyes shut. She started when he carefully held onto her hand, magic tingling at her palm. “What are you doing?”

“Shush, I’m concentrating.” Cold traveled up her arm, but she didn’t open her eyes to investigate. “There, now you can look.”

She opened her mouth, speechless as she stared at the perfectly formed flower sitting in her palm made entirely out of ice. “Anders, this is beautiful.”

He shrugged. “There used to be huge patches of sunflowers in the town I grew up in. You remind me of them.”

She closed her hand over the sculpture, heedless of the freezing cold that had already numbed her palm. Impulsively, she rocked up on the balls of her feet and pressed her lips to his. “Thank you. I’ll treasure it.”

He watched as she walked away, staring at the corridor she disappeared down with his fingers over his bottom lip and a silly grin on his face.

#35 – Fever
He sat at her bedside and placed yet another cool cloth over her forehead. She’d been sick for the past few days, but the fever was a new development.

“I never told you how they caught me,” he said, staring at her closed eyelids. “One of my friends had cut himself. We didn’t think anything of it until the skin around the wound turned dark and hot to the touch. He would have died, but I held my hands over his leg and thought about how much I wanted it to heal, how I wanted him to live. I was just as surprised as my friend was that it had worked, but someone at the Chantry had caught on to what I had done and alerted the Templars.” He reached out and wound his fingers around a long lock of her hair. Someone had unbraided it and left it loose while she slept and Anders had never seen her with her hair down before. She reminded him of one of those princesses in the stories his friends had loved to tell that were under a spell, waiting for their prince to kiss them awake.

He sighed. They might be locked in a tower, but he was definitely no prince. Instead of kissing her, he simply held onto her hands, concentrating hard on the incantations needed for a regeneration spell.

#42 – Talk
“I heard from Frieda, who heard from Thomas, who heard from Cameron, who heard from Rebecca, who overheard Anders telling Geoffrey that he kissed you yesterday,” Jowan said. “Is it true?”

“Someone needs to learn to keep his big mouth shut,” Theodora muttered, blushing as red as her hair.

#11 – Midnight
“We’re going to get caught,” she whispered, even as she reached for him, gasping when he pressed her up against the bookshelves.

“Who’s going to look for us here?” he asked, trailing kisses down the side of her throat, his hands hurriedly gliding over her robes. “The library is empty at this hour.”

She bit back a tiny laugh. “Everywhere is empty at this hour. It’s past midnight.”

“Yes, but now I’m going to enjoy studying these old books a whole lot more than I normally would.” He grit his teeth as he sank into her, shuddering at the sensation. “You don’t want to do this?”

“Yes,” she whimpered, her nails digging into his clothed shoulders. She arched her back and bit her lip to smother a moan, the back of her head hitting another shelf. “It’s just that I’m going to be bruised in funny places tomorrow morning.”

He kissed her desperately, his hands at the backs of her thighs. “I’ll heal them,” he said quietly, nudging her nose affectionately with his.

#37 – Lies
“He’s staring at you.”

Theodora looked over her shoulder just in time to see the Templar quickly look away. “Who, Cullen? He tends to do that.”

“And you don’t mind?” Anders sounded incredulous.

“It’s his duty.”

“I’m not saying that he’s staring as if you’re going to transform into an abomination at any given moment and rip his face off, I’m saying that he’s staring as if he’s mentally undressing you.”

She ducked her shoulders and grabbed his arm, dragging him around to another aisle of books. “Will you be quiet?” she hissed. “In case you haven’t noticed, these walls echo. I’m sure that he heard you.”

“So? Maybe I want him to hear. Just because he’s new doesn’t mean that he can get away with staring at certain people. I’ll not have it.”

Now it was her turn to sound incredulous. “You’ll not have it? Anders, are you jealous?” She looked at him seriously, noticing how worked up he was over their conversation. “You are, aren’t you?”

He puffed out his cheeks and couldn’t quite look her straight in the eye. “Of course I’m not jealous. Why would I be jealous of some Templar? Just because he’s tall, broad shouldered, and has the ability to smite me into next month doesn’t mean anything.” He rolled his eyes and made a small pfft noise. “Jealous, please.”

She quirked an eyebrow at his obvious lies. “I’m glad you feel that way. I’ll have you know that redheaded men are my secret weakness.” She reached out and trailed her index finger across his bottom lip. “Now stop pouting over nothing and leave the new recruit alone.”

It took him an entire minute to actually see his way through her fib. Yanking a random book off the shelf, he quickly made his way back to her side, his shoulders thrown back and his chin up. He breezed past the new Templar, who looked slightly perplexed by Anders’ grin.

“You look far too smug,” she commented, turning a page in her book on advanced medicinal herbs. “If you don’t quit, I just might ask him to smite you into next week just for fun.”

Anders snorted. “My dear lady, I had no idea you cared so much.”

#49 – Lock
“You want me to what?” she whispered, standing on tiptoe so she could see Anders through the thick bars on the top of the solid wooden door.

“Pick the lock. Or blast it off; I can’t do it from this side or else I already would have.”

“You’re absolutely crazy if you think that I’m going to do such a thing,” she told him. “And you need to stop thinking about it yourself. You should be grateful that they haven’t made you a Tranquil yet.” This was the third time that they had brought him back, the third time that he had tried to run away. She was deathly afraid that one of these times when she snuck out past curfew to visit him that he wouldn’t be there, that she’d find him in the storage rooms instead, face placid and voice devoid of all emotion. The thought that his expressive face and entertaining personality could be stolen from him sent shivers down her spine.

“They wouldn’t dare. I’ve heard them talk about how talented a healer I am. They’d be hurting themselves more than me if they turned down that path.” He didn’t say it, but he was just as afraid of being turned as she was. He didn’t know what would happen if one day he would look at her and not feel any affection, any desire for her, to have that part of him locked away from him forever. He reached out and tried to brush his fingers over hers from where they gripped the bars tightly. “Don’t worry about me,” he said quietly.

“I can’t help it,” she whispered back. She withdrew her fingers, pushing something soft through the bars instead. “It gets cold at night,” she explained, wondering what he thought about the thick scarf she had knitted for him. She had started the project up the last time he had been put into solitary confinement, but had only finished it just recently, setting it aside for other projects, such as mending and hemming fellow apprentices’ clothing and assisting with making robes for the younger initiates.

He wound the scarf over his hands, inhaling and marveling at the way that it smelled like her – the scent of vanilla from the kitchens and herbs from the greenhouse soothing his impatient nerves. “You’d better get going,” he said. “The guard might be back and I don’t want you to get into trouble.” He listened as she gave him a hurried farewell, then as her footsteps echoed down the hallway. She’s horrible at this whole sneaking business, he thought, burying his nose in the thick material. He glanced out of the lone narrow slit in the stone that served as a window and waited for daylight.

#29 – Dance
“She’s finally lost her mind.”

Anders looked over the shoulder of another mage. “Who has?” Really, it could be any one of us, he thought. Lock anyone away in a tower with minimal windows and see how long they last before they go around the bend.

“Amell. The Templars are deciding on what they should do about her.” The apprentice pointed out past the gardens. The rain was coming down in sheets, making it hard for Anders to see, but he made out a familiar flash of red hair.

“We’re both going to get sick, I just know it,” he muttered under his breath, pushing past the growing audience and stepping outside. He was soaked through almost immediately. “What in Andraste’s name do you think you’re doing?” he shouted, trying to be heard over the rumble of thunder. His arms felt heavy as his robe clung to his body.

“It’s raining!” Theodora yelled back, lifting the hem of her robes up to her calves. She was barefoot, mud squelching between her toes. The garden was the only place on their little island that wasn’t completely paved with stone, but the dirt there had always been free of grass, making it stark and bare, just like the rest of the Tower.

“Brilliant observation,” he said dryly. “Can we go back inside now?”

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Theodora asked, throwing her arms wide to her sides and twirling around in a circle. In that moment, she was beautiful, her hair plastered to her scalp and her head tilted back as she laughed. Anders soon found himself unable to stop from laughing along with her. He gave a whoop and gathered her in his arms, leading them both in a quick dance step he had learned in Redcliffe the last time he had been there.

Templars and colds be hanged, he mused, closing his eyes as Theodora threaded her fingers through his hair and pulled him down for a kiss. This is the freest I’ve ever felt in this place.

#17 – Promise
“The weather is turning cold; make sure you stay warm.”

“I will.”

“And don’t spend all your money on stupid things. Save some for food.”

He sighed. “Of course.”


He took her hands in his and kissed her knuckles. “I’ll be fine, now stop worrying over me.”

She moved closer so she could touch her forehead with his. “This is pointless,” she whispered. “They’re only going to catch you again.”

“Yes, but until they catch me, I can enjoy the fresh air and have myself a bit of an adventure. And who knows? Maybe this will be the one time that they don’t catch up with me.” He tilted his head and captured her lips with his. “I’ll watch out for myself, but you have to promise me something in return.”

“What’s that?”

“That you won’t worry about me while I’m gone.”

She rolled her eyes, but leaned forward so she could kiss him again. “I don’t know if I can, but I promise that I’ll try.”

He let go of one of her hands and trailed the backs of his fingers down her cheek. “That’s good enough for me.”

#43 – Search
“You know where he is, don’t you?” Knight Commander Greagoir asked her. She had a feeling that Anders’ escape was the reason why she had been called into First Enchanter Irving’s office, but the question still managed to surprise her.

“Where who is, Ser?” she asked, sitting in one of Irving’s chairs with her hands clasped demurely in her lap. She had always been intimidated by Greagoir, even though it was obvious that he was trying his hardest to look as non-threatening as a man wearing heavy armor could be.

“Now Theodora,” Irving interjected, his hand gentle on her arm. “Please, don’t draw this out any longer than it has to be. When Anders left, did he tell you where he might go?”

She shook her head. “Anders and I might talk, but he never mentions where he plans on going.” She didn’t know if Anders had planned on keeping her in the dark just for this reason or because even he didn’t really know where he was going to end up at after he left the Tower. If pressed, she would put her money on the latter reason. He never did put much stock on long-range plans. “I didn’t even know that he was planning on escaping.”

“You’re his friend,” Irving said.

“More than friend,” Greagoir muttered under his breath.

Irving frowned at the Templar, but decided not to comment. “You’re his friend,” he repeated. “If there was anything, no matter how trivial that he might have said to you, let us know so that we may search for him.”

Theodora shook her head. “I wish I could help you, but I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?

She gave Greagoir a level glance. “Can’t. Your best bet would be to send Templars out to every corner of Thedas, including places outside of Ferelden. Anders desperately wants to be anywhere else besides here, but you already knew that.”

Greagoir sighed. “Then I guess that we will have to use his phylactery to track him down, like usual. I told you asking this girl was a waste of time.”

Theodora waited until Irving had dismissed her before she stood and left the room. As long as she could remember, she had adhered to the rules of the Circle. She’d never rebelled in any way or fashion, but just this once, she wished that she knew where Anders’ phylactery was in order to destroy it so that no one would be able to track him down ever again, even if…

Even if it means that I’ll never see him again, she thought sadly, making her way back to the apprentice’s quarters.

#47 – Highway
The road might be dusty and long, the highway littered with ruts from wagons, but every step he took was a step Anders was taking in delicious freedom. His only regret was that he couldn’t share the same jubilant feeling with Theodora.

#27 – Fall
It would be easy to fall in love with her, he thought, never realizing that he had fallen a long, long time ago.

#44 – Hope
When he had been gone for nearly a month and a half, Theodora quietly began to hope that Anders had finally evaded the Templars and gained the freedom he so desired.

#12 – Temptation
“Come with me.” Theodora tossed on her mattress and tried to forget the look on Anders’ face when he asked her to run away with him. She couldn’t; there were advanced classes to attend, young children to tutor, plants to tend to. Her duties far outweighed the consequences of following him, as did the knowledge that no matter how far they ran, they would eventually be caught. The Tower was her home; she had been taught to follow orders, to not buck the system, to move through her life in order to serve others. And yet…

“Come with me.” She groaned and flipped to her side, the heels of her hands pressing against her eyes. Why did his offer have to sound so tempting?

#01 – Ring
When the Templars brought him back to the tower after his most recent escape, Anders had pierced his ear and his hair had grown out until it curled around his collar. They’d cut his hair and confiscated the ring as punishment for running away, which Theodora thought was stupid – the hair merely grew back while he was in solitary confinement and he managed to purchase a replacement earring from a merchant doing business with the Tranquil. He’d given First Enchanter and Knight Commander a look as if daring them to punish him yet again for his defiance, but oddly enough, they let it go.

#04 – Box
She kept the enchanted piece of sod Anders had given her in a box buried deep underneath her robes and books. She might not have many personal items, but the little two foot by three foot square of grass was her most prized possession in a place that was mostly built out of stone.

#46 – Gravity
She was being exiled from the Tower. Theodora could handle the angry glares from the Templars for her part in destroying Jowan’s phylactery, she could handle the disappointed look First Enchanter had given her for siding with a Blood Mage (even if, in her defense, she hadn’t known what Jowan had become) but what finally brought home how dearly her decisions had cost her was the sad way that Anders had stared at her from the front doors of the Tower as she and the Grey Warden got into the boat that would take them to the mainland. She stared back at him until he was nothing more than a small dot on the horizon, a silent tear slipping down her cheek as she thought of another man that she had once loved before that she had left behind in a similar fashion.

#39 – Overwhelmed
Do this, help them, kill that. It seemed as if Theodora’s life had turned into an endless cycle of killing darkspawn and helping travelers that they came across. It wasn’t as if she could say no to any of them either; it felt wrong to turn her back on anyone in need, much to Morrigan’s annoyance. Still, she was so unused to people looking to her for guidance, for deciding important things that meant life or death for others.

Save us. She slid down the wall and buried her face in her hands. “I can’t do this,” she whispered in the darkness. “I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, I don’t know why people are asking me to lead. I…”

You can sit around feeling sorry for yourself or you can stand up and do something about it. Wrong or right, you’re doing the best that you can. If they don’t like it, then they can decide things on their own. She gave a slightly frantic giggle, wondering just when her voice of reason began to sound like Anders. “And I must be going mad if Anders is starting to sound reasonable,” she grumbled, standing up and brushing her knees. Yet still, the curt, businesslike thought was enough of a kick in the pants to get her over her little bout of self-pity. She might not know just what she was supposed to do, but she was going to do her best to help everyone.

#14 – Music
“Is there anyone in the Tower that you miss?” Leliana asked, her fingers moving along the strings of her newly purchased lute. She was playing a song that Theodora could have sworn she could remember Anders humming for weeks after coming back from his second escape. “Anyone special?”

Theodora looked back down at the shirt she had in her hands. Alistair had gotten a horrible gash in the sleeve from their last darkspawn encounter. Morrigan’s poultices had taken care of the wound on his arm, but Theodora took it upon herself to mend the tear in his clothes. She’d had a lot of practice; mage robes were made of good fabric, but even the sturdiest of pieces managed to get careworn over time. She traced her fingers over the stitches she had started, thinking back to how she used to let the hems out of Jowan’s robes when he hit his last growth spurt as a teenager, the little pieces of embroidery she sewed on her own sleeves, the rips that she had repaired in Anders’…

Really Anders, did you have to run through a patch of brambles to avoid Templars? Wasn’t there anywhere else to hide?

“There is one person,” she replied, picking her needle back up. She’d have to hurry if she wanted to use the last of the daylight to her advantage. Sewing by firelight had always strained her eyes. “But I can’t say if he’s still at the Tower or not. He has a habit of breaking out.”

“He’s done what? I thought that the Tower was supposed to be impossible to leave.”

Theodora shook her head. “Oh, it is. It’s just that he’s found…” she frowned and mentally counted all of Anders’ escapes, “four different ways to leave.”

Alistair looked up from sharpening his sword. “You mean that there’s someone that’s escaped four times?”

“Five, actually. He swam across the lake twice.” Her smile fell when she thought about how he had looked the last time she had seen him. “He was still there when I left, but I’m certain that he’ll try to leave again. Knowing the Templars, they’ll have upped their watches after the mess that Jowan and I made, which will more than likely make his job difficult.”

“Do you love him?” Leliana played another part of the song, the music definitely the same tune she had heard before in the Tower.

“I don’t know. The mages at the Tower can’t afford to love anyone; it isn’t like we can settle down in one of the unused floors and raise a family. I do know that I care for him a great deal and that in his own way, he feels something for me.” They had never declared their feelings for one another before, but it hadn’t seemed necessary; their actions had spoken far louder than words ever could.

“Well?” Leliana prompted, setting aside her lute so she could sit closer to Theodora. “What’s he like? And don’t leave any detail out!”

It wasn’t long before both women were, as Morrigan put it from her post at her own campfire, chattering on like magpies, Leliana pulling information out of Theodora that she hadn’t thought to share with anyone. She hadn’t really had anyone to share these things with before; sure Jowan had been her best friend, but it would have just been awkward to go on about how it felt to be kissed or how happy she had been when Anders gave her a new ball of yarn he had wheedled out of a visiting merchant.

Neither of them noticed how Alistair had quietly moved away from them, or the gentle way he held a rose before carefully placing it back in his pack with a sigh and a sad shake of his head.

#05 – Run
“Where is he?” she demanded, looking over the remaining mages. I’ve never truly prayed for anything before, but please, if there’s anyone listening; let him have escaped before this mess started. “Has anyone seen Anders?”

One of the younger apprentices looked up from bandaging the wounds that her fledgling healing talents hadn’t been able to mend. “The Templars caught him a week ago. He’s been in solitary…” Theodora didn’t let the girl finish; she gathered the hem of her robes in her hands and ran as fast as she could down the twisted corridors and stairwells.

“Theodora, wait!” Alistair yelled after her, muffled curses and the clank of his armor as he ran behind echoing down the silent halls. “You don’t know if it’s safe or not!”

She skidded to a halt, her hand covering her mouth at the sight of charred remains littered in front of the door leading to solitary confinement. The door itself bore scorch marks from the slit where plates of food were normally passed. “Anders?” she called out, her voice cracking. “Are you still alive in there?”

“I’m giving you one warning,” a tired sounding voice said from behind the thick door. “Step any closer and be prepared to be burnt to a crisp.”

“Anders, it’s me!” she said, all but sinking to her knees in relief. He sounded horrible, but at least he was still talking.

There was a shuffling noise, almost as if he were making his way closer to the door. “Thea? Is that really you?”

“It is. I’ve come to get you out of here.”

“How do I know that it’s you? I’m going to be highly put out if you turn out to be a desire demon in disguise,” he grumped.

“He’s not really all that convinced, is he?” Alistair asked, still somewhat winded from the run up several flights of stairs.

She gave a weak laugh. “Tell me something only the real me would know the reply to.”

“Oh come on, ‘Dora. I haven’t eaten in nearly three days; I can’t think of anything at the moment.”

Theodora pressed her palms against the wooden door and stood on tiptoe to look through the barred cut-out high on the door that she had so often passed books and knitted socks through. “If I’ve told you before, I’ve told you a hundred times. That is the most awful nickname you could have ever come up with for me.”

She caught a glimpse of red-rimmed eyes from behind the bars. “Get me out, Thea.”

“Stand back,” she warned. “And cover your eyes.” She took a step backwards and fired an arcane bolt at the door’s lock. Sparks flew, but she did manage to knock the heavy lock down.

“You never were any good with raw magic,” Anders quipped, eyeing the damage she had caused. There was a week’s worth of beard on his cheeks and it looked like he hadn’t slept in days, but Theodora had never been so relieved to see him before.

“Shut up,” she said, throwing her arms around his neck and tugging him down for a kiss. She had meant to just brush her lips against his, but everything that she had been trying desperately to repress in order to make it through the Tower came welling up and spilling forth in the form of a loud sob.

“Shhh,” he murmured, his hands moving over her back in soothing circles. He buried his face against the side of her hair and held on tightly. “You’re going about this all wrong. When you get the chance to leave the Tower, you stay away from the Tower. You don’t come back on your own.”

Her laugh was muffled against his throat. “I guess I’ve been watching how you’ve done it for so long that I figured that was the way to do things,” she told him. She moved away only far enough to wipe at her face with the heel of her palm.

“I hate to put a damper on your reunion,” Alistair piped up, “but we’re needed back at Redcliffe.”

“Of course.” Theodora wound her fingers around Anders’ as the three of them made their way back downstairs. Theodora couldn’t help but notice the way Anders’ eyes widened as he took in all the death and destruction they encountered on each floor. Silently, he slipped away from Theodora when they hit ground level and went to work assisting those that were injured.

“You can come with us,” she told him, once her business was completed with Irving and Greagoir. “This can be your big chance to go and never look back.”

The look he gave her was conflicted, his features twisting in regret. “I could, but I can’t.” He gestured to the ruins of the Tower and at the mages and Templars who were sitting looking shell shocked. “I’m needed here.”

She gave him a rueful smile. “I should have known that you were all talk. You’re a healer at heart, aren’t you?”

He smirked at her. “I can’t help it. This makes for a pretty ironic moment, doesn’t it?”

Theodora traced the side of his face with her fingers. “Take care of yourself, Anders,” she said, stepping away. She thought about it for a moment before moving back closer to him and giving him a tight hug. “When you’re not needed here as badly, don’t hesitate to look for me.”

He framed her face with his hands. “I might take you up on that offer,” he said. Leaning down, he kissed her one last time. “I have a feeling that we’ll see one another again someday.”

#50 – Breathe

She hadn’t been able to see the mage’s identity through the blistering waves of heat and bright flash of fire that had shot out of his fingers, but once the smoke died down and the last darkspawn fell to its knees, Theodora felt the air grow still around her, emotion making it difficult for her to breathe.

The mage looked around at the ruin that he had just caused. “I didn’t do it.” He seemed shocked at the sound of strained laughter that came from one of the people in front of him before squinting to truly see just who he was up against. “Thea?”

“It would seem that you’ve finally gotten the hang of casting fire spells,” she said quietly, stepping over a dead body in order to come next to him. Her fingers shook as they traced over his chin. She would have said more, but the other woman next to her cleared her throat.

“Commander, we need to keep moving.”

Anders let out an impressed whistle. “Commander, is it? My, I leave you alone for almost a year and look what happens.”

She straightened her spine and tilted her head up. “We don’t have much time to catch up, but if you’re interested, you can come with us. We need to find as many survivors as possible.”

He nodded, falling into step beside and a little to the right of her. Her staff was already crackling with energy, her eyes practically glowing in the dim light. She was best with primal magic, Anders recalled, knowing that his skills as a healer would more than likely come into play, as would his knowledge of certain hexes that would considerably slow their enemies down. “You should know by now that I’ll follow you anywhere, Amell” he quipped half playfully, yet half entirely serious.

She looked up at him, her eyes full of lightning, and smiled.

#48 – Unknown
“There’s something that I wanna know,” Oghren said, settling down in the dining hall next to Theodora. He tucked into his meal and waved a drumstick in her direction. “It’s about Sparkle Fingers. Do you…”

She sighed, wondering just how long it would take for her old friend to bring up her relationship with Anders. “Before you finish, yes, we know each other. We’ve spent years in the Tower together and have more than likely done all the things that you have a list of euphemisms for.”


“And I’ll add in a few more – how do polishing the staff, speaking in tongues, and performing the forbidden rite work for you?”

Very slowly, he turned and looked at her. “I was gonna ask you if the new guy might be able to clear up this rash I’ve gotten, seeing as he’s a healer and all, but that saves me from asking another question.”

Theodora blinked. “Oh. Um…”

Oghren held up his hands in a defensive gesture. “Hey, it ain’t none of my business what goes on behind closed doors. Whatever blows the wind up your skirt and all that.” He chortled into his mug. “Or his dress, in this case.”

“They’re called robes,” she managed to mumble. She got up and jerked her thumb towards the door. “I’ll just…go ask him to look at that rash for you.”

He shook his head, marveling at her speedy retreat. “Polishing the staff,” he mused. “Should’ve thought of that one myself.”

#28 – Forgotten
“How could I ever forget Mister Wiggums?” she asked, handing Anders the little kitten she had found in the courtyard. “He used to leave dead mice by the dormitory door.” She remembered how fond Anders had been of that cat and she hoped that giving him the new kitten was a good idea.

“Of course he did; he was a good mouser. And what about you?” he asked the orange and white striped kitten. “Are you a good mouser? Yes, I think you are!”

“So, what are you going to name him?”

He looked up. “I can’t name him. Names mean that he’s going to stay and we’re going to be on the move…” He absently stroked the kitten’s ears. “I can’t leave him out here though; it’s raining. Perhaps I’ll keep him in my pack until we can find someone to take him in.”

She grinned. What she had forgotten was the way that Anders turned into a complete mush ball at the mere sight of a cat. “I’m sure we’ll find someone that will love to have him,” she said, knowing full well that the cat was well on its way to becoming a permanent member of their party.

#02 – Hero
She would never be able to put it in words, but she was forever grateful that there was at least one person outside the Tower that didn’t regard her as the Hero of Ferelden – once someone had seen you scream bloody murder at the sight of a toad (Anders had chased her around the dormitory with it, laughing all the while), it was difficult to take you seriously, even if you had been the one to slay an archdemon.

#16 – Cover
“All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools.”

Theodora arched her eyebrow. “Pretty girl, right here,” she said. “Or am I merely chopped liver?”

Anders scoffed. “Pretty doesn’t begin to describe you, my lady.” He draped his arm around her shoulders. “Ravishing, yes. Dangerously gorgeous, absolutely. Yet merely pretty? I think you sell yourself short.”

She could feel herself blushing. They were in the middle of Amaranthine; she hadn’t expected him to utter such declarations in public. “Anders…”

“And since I have such a lovely lady at my side and have eaten a decent breakfast, when do I get to shoot lightning at fools?”

She laughed knowing full well that he was using his remark as a cover to how he really felt, especially since their companions were paying attention. “You just might get your chance in the marketplace,” she said, winking at him. “Now, let’s go take on these smugglers that are prowling about.”

#06 – Hurricane
It wasn’t the first time that he had seen her call up the Tempest spell, but the way that her eyes lit up with her magic and how the hem of her robes whipped about in the hurricane force winds she created out of thin air never failed to steal his breath away.

#22 – Journey
“I didn’t know that there was so much walking involved,” Anders moaned from up ahead. Nathaniel and Theodora shared a look that said that they should have left him at the Keep instead of taking him along to the Wending Wood. “Are we there yet? My feet hurt.”

“If you keep on complaining like that, I can make sure that you’re permanently stationed back at the Circle Tower,” she said breezily, inspecting the trail ahead of them.

“You know, my feet suddenly don’t hurt anymore.”

“I thought that they wouldn’t.”

#20 – Talent
“I thought,” Oghren said, spitting out a mouthful of stew from his bowl, “that you said all you mages got a turn in the kitchens.”

Theodora looked at her own portion, thinking that the usual reddish brown beef stew shouldn’t have been the pasty grey color it currently was. She glanced over at the fire and from the dubious look on Nathaniel’s face; she could tell that he was thinking the same exact thing. “We did. It’s just that where some people had more talent helping the cooks, others excelled at merely washing the dishes.” She looked over at the fire and winced at the ominous plorpping sounds coming from the covered pot sitting on the coals. “Anders happens to be wonderful at washing dishes.”

Their conversation quieted when the person in question came back from washing his hands in the nearby stream. “Well?” he asked expectantly, a hopeful smile on his face. “How do you like it?”

She tried to make encouraging sounds while she choked down the rest of her bowl, but Oghren’s loud gagging noises were doing little to help, as was Nathaniel’s offhand remark that he planned to dip all his arrow points in whatever was left over as a potent poison.

#34 – Formal
He couldn’t help staring; the dress she wore to greet Amaranthine’s nobility was so different than any robes that he had ever seen her in. She even had her hair styled differently; the way that her hair fell in soft waves around her cut the formal atmosphere a tiny bit, making her look more approachable than her usual severe braids worn in tight coils at the back of her neck. She looked graceful and elegant and he wondered just what a woman that beautiful would ever see in him.

Then she caught his eye from across the room and smiled, and he couldn’t help but smile back at her in return.

#08 – Cold
The Blackmarsh was miserable during the day, but it was even more so at night. It had rained recently and the air and ground held a damp atmosphere that was impossible to shake. Theodora’s arm ached where a blighted werewolf had bitten her; Nathaniel had his hands busy keeping two other wolves at bay and Anders had been in mid-cast so he’d been unable to help. He’d held her arm in his hands as carefully as he could after the battle, the warmth of his healing magic sinking into her bones.

That had been hours ago. Now it was her turn on watch and she was tired, wet, sore and freezing cold. Stupid robes, she groused, pointing her finger at the meager campfire they had managed to light. Even with the aid of magical flame, wet wood only burned so well. She shivered, cursing her thin robes for the hundredth time, when something thick fell over her shoulders.

“You looked like you needed it,” Anders said, sitting close beside her.

“Thank you,” she told him, pulling the edges of the blanket closer over her shoulders. “You should be sleeping.”

“Can’t sleep. Zombie werewolves will get me.”

“They’re blighted, not undead.” They were both whispering, trying their best to not wake Nathaniel from where he was curled on the bedroll on the opposite side of the fire.

“Do you really want to walk up to one and ask to be sure?” Anders shivered and stuck his hands into the sleeves of his robes.

“Here,” Theodora said, unfolding the blanket and offering Anders one side. If they huddled close enough, the single blanket covered them both.

“See, this isn’t so bad, is it?” Anders murmured, moving so that Theodora could rest her head on his shoulder. “I mean, I’m not saying that I would want to build a summer home here, but it’s starting to grow on me.”

Theodora curled closer to Anders, letting the heat that radiated off him chase away the evening cold. “It does have its advantages,” she conceded, lacing her fingers with his.

#25 – Mask
He was probably the only person in the hall who knew that the hard look in her eyes as she passed judgment on the three cases she was presented was nothing more than a mask. If asked, he would bet everything he had that behind the serious expression, she was panicking and doubting every word that came out of her mouth. Thea never did like to talk out loud in front of a group.

His thoughts were confirmed when they were left alone, his arms wrapped securely around her while offering his services as a sounding board to her doubts, her hands trembling as they rested against his back.

#45 – Eclipse
He had such a laid back personality that it was easy to forget the power that could surge through his hands, his easygoing nature and tendency to heal those in need overshadowing his destructive potential. If asked, he would say the same thing about her; that it was easy to forget that she could summon a firestorm or chain lightning with hands that had lovingly knitted items for her friends over the years.

#30 – Body
“I do believe this is the first time that I’ve ever seen you naked,” Anders commented, reclining on his side, his head resting on his arms. He had already shed his robes, the firelight playing along his skin and making Theodora want to abandon the clasps that had suddenly become awkward to open in favor of climbing onto the bed to touch him.

“I think you’re right,” she said instead, finally working the clasp open. They might have had numerous intimate encounters in the Tower, but the most skin she had ever seen him bare had been a little triangle at his throat where his robes met his neck. Her eyes closed on their own accord as she remembered how he used to shiver when she ran her tongue along that line, and how his hands used to tighten on her hips in response. Very slowly, she began to shimmy her clothes down her body, slowly baring her shoulders to his eyes. “Are you going to come over here and help me?”

“Oh no,” he breathed, his voice deepening with desire. “I think I’ll stay here and enjoy the show.”

#31 – Sacred
She was expecting the usual greedy hands, the hurried caresses that he usually gave whenever they came together and the chance of being discovered were high; the slow, careful way that he explored every inch of her skin as if she was something precious, something sacred, was completely new and brought her to the verge of tears.

#21 – Silence
“I should have known,” he said, rolling to his side while still trying to catch his breath.

“What?” she asked, moving with him. Having the luxury of both time and a bed was a novelty; much to her delight, Theodora was quickly finding out that Anders was a cuddler.

He wrapped his arms around her and traced the line of her throat with his tongue. “All this time, I figured that it was just your way to be silent during our little rendezvous.” He gave her a wicked grin, his hands slowly gliding down her body and making her gasp. “I think I like being able to make you scream.”

Theodora hooked her leg around his waist and twisted, moving so that he was flat on his back and she was perched atop him. “Bet you can’t do it again,” she whispered, her hair hanging down around them like a fiery curtain.

“Now there’s a wager I aim to win.” Anders tangled his hands in her hair, dragging her down for a kiss.

#24 – Strength
“The two of you fight well,” Nathaniel commented one evening while they set up camp. “I’ve noticed that your strengths make up for the other’s weaknesses.”

Theodora thought it over. While they usually mixed up patrols, it never failed that Anders was included more often than Velanna, even if they both seemed to have the same healing talents. It also never failed that Theodora and Anders would often find themselves fighting back to back, with her casting fire spells while he slowed down darkspawn with ice, which was something that she’d never gotten the hang of properly doing.

“Thank you,” she said, wondering where this insightful bit of conversation was coming from. While he was normally polite, Nathaniel made sure to put everyone at arm’s length, preferring to sit by himself and stare broodingly at a ring he wore on a chain around his neck. Sigrun had managed to coax something out of him once, something about him losing his intended in the Blight due to his father’s actions, but she refused to elaborate, saying that it wasn’t her story to tell.

“I should be the one to thank you. The way the two of you team up makes my job a lot easier.”

She looked at him, realizing that he wore the faintest of smiles on his lips. “Anything to help out,” she said, smiling back at him in return.

#10 – Drink
The Circle had a limited supply of libations, most of which had been reserved for the mages higher up in the hierarchy than Theodora had ever been. Wynne often spoke fondly of her appreciation for specialty brewed ales, but Theodora was currently finding herself quite the wine aficionado here in Amaranthine.

That is, if you counted finishing one bottle of wine and stating quite loudly and repeatedly that you loved it as being an aficionado. Suffice to say, Theodora Amell was not one that could hold her alcohol, which amused Oghren to no end.

“You are going to regret this in the morning,” Anders said from his spot by the fire. He was still nursing his second glass, but was quickly finding that watching her drunkenly attempt to dance with Ser Pounce-a-Lot was much more entertaining than staring into his cup all evening.

“But that’s why I have you here!” she exclaimed, sitting down next to him. She nearly missed the chair, had it not been for him quickly reaching out and scooping her onto his lap. She laughed and slapped her hand against the side of his head. “When I feel bad tomorrow, you’ll just do your magic thing and poof! Headache is gone!”

He rolled his eyes at her, but leaned in to kiss her fondly. “Ah yes, the resident Spirit Healer gets quickly demoted to hangover prevention duty. Whatever am I to do with you?”

She smiled and the sight of it had his heart dangerously flipping in his chest. “Oh, I think you can come up with a few things,” she whispered, sliding her hands over his chest and capturing his mouth with hers.

Oghren belched loudly before taking a swig from his own personal wineskin. “Go get a room,” he grunted.

#15 – Silk
He couldn’t stop touching her, marveling at how someone who could gather a protective barrier of rock around themselves could still have skin as soft as silk.

#40 – Whisper
“What do you think they’re talking about?” Sigrun asked Anders, the two of them watching as Nathaniel and Theodora scouted ahead. It was apparent that Nathaniel had quickly become Theodora’s second-in-command, which was fine by Anders. He didn’t want the responsibility.

He just didn’t like the way that the man had his head bent towards hers, the two of them whispering amongst the other. “I don’t have a clue. Do you think I should be worried?”

“Nah, he’s not her type.”

He tilted his head. “And just what is her type then?”

She rolled her eyes. “If you don’t know the answer to that, then you’re not as smart as I thought you were.”

#41 – Wait
“What are you doing?” she asked, watching as Anders blew out the candles in her study. She sat, dumbfounded, as he deliberately put aside her pen and inkwell. “I have work to do.” Being an Arlessa was harder than she thought it would be; people relied on her to provide for them, yet how could she figure out what they needed when Anders was taking away her important letters?

“You’ve been at this for two days straight,” he said, tugging her to her feet. It was only then that she realized just how stiff her back had gotten from being hunched over her desk. “The rest of this can wait until you’ve had a proper meal and gotten some sleep.”

She was touched that he would think to care for her like this, but she still couldn’t stop the indelicate snort or the yes, Mother muttered under her breath.

#18 – Dream
She knew she was in the Fade, as she often wandered there whenever she slept. It was usually a peaceful place, except tonight monsters roamed from every angle, gnashing their teeth and preparing to pounce, and she was defenseless against them. She tried to thrash, but something warm held her arms to her sides.

“Hush, you’re having a nightmare. It’s just a dream.” There was a soft pressure on her forehead, almost as if someone had kissed her there. “I’ll keep you safe.”

She didn’t know if it was the words or the quiet feeling of being held, but the monsters suddenly vanished in a puff of smoke, allowing her to peacefully wander once more. When she opened her eyes in the morning, she found herself in the circle of Anders’ arms. His lips turned when she stretched up against him and kissed his cheek in thanks, settling back and waiting for him to wake up.

#38 – Forever
It was the quiet moments like this where they lay together in the other’s arms, not as Commander and Warden, but as Theodora and Anders that she wished they could stretch out forever, leaving everything else behind.

#32 – Farewells
“You’re leaving, aren’t you?” Theodora’s tone wasn’t accusing, just matter of fact.

Anders tightened the strap on his pack before slinging it over his shoulder. “I think my work here is done,” he told her, scooping Pounce up in one hand. The kitten mewed, but settled in Anders’ arms. “You don’t really need another mage here, do you?” He looked at her in such a way that she knew he was gauging her reaction to his words.

“Do I need another mage here?” she wondered. “No, not really. Throw too many of us here and next thing you know, there’ll be Templars sent from the Circle and then Amaranthine becomes another Tower.”

He looked hurt for a fraction of a second before covering his expression up. “So it’s a good thing that I’m leaving. I haven’t had a chance to canvass out all of the Keep for escape routes yet. I’d be better off making a run for it before things get really bad.”

“I wasn’t finished.” She reached up and stroked her hand against the side of his face, her eyes softening when he pressed his cheek against her palm. “I might not need another mage here, but I want you here. That being said, I know you have wandering feet. Just remember that no matter how long you’re gone, you’ll always be welcome here.”

“As a Warden?”

“No, just as Anders.” She set Pounce down on the ground and placed Anders’ fingers over her heart. “There will always be a place for you here, too.”

He gave her a crooked smile. “I guess I won’t be saying goodbye any time soon.”

She stood up on tiptoe and brushed her lips against his. “I’ll take an I’ll see you later instead.”

He dropped his pack so he could give her a proper kiss. “Then I’ll see you later.”

He was back at his usual post four months later as if he had never left. Theodora didn’t make a big fuss about his return, but she did kiss his cheek and murmur welcome home to him before starting her morning duties.


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