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Nathaniel/Moira couple meme

I found this on my WiP pile and I don't really think I'm ever going to get finished drawing it, so I'll finish it in narrative format instead. Warning, big picture ahead.

Ze Answers:

1. Introduce your couple. Show us their best side.
Nathaniel Howe and Moira Cousland: The Serious and the Snarky.

2. What do they like most about each other?

Nate likes the way that Moira plays with her hair when she's studying various reports or answering mail. She doesn't even know that she's doing it, but eventually she winds up with ink smears on her cheek. Moira likes the way that Nate never gives up on trying to teach her how to use a bow, even though they both know that she's dismal at it. By this time, they've both accepted that it's really just an excuse to snuggle together out in public.

3. Is there anything they constantly fight about?

The amount of damage that Moira takes for the rest of the team. Nathaniel doesn't like it when she gets hurt when she probably didn't have to. That and the fact that Nate hogs the bed, Moira steals the sheets, and they can't seem to agree on whose pair of socks was left on the bedroom floor (though Moira swears they're Nate's; the man's feet are like ice.)

4. What are they like when they're drunk together?

Nathaniel tends to be more tolerant to alcohol than Moira and takes great amusement in the fact that she's a giggly, happy drunk. The last time that they let themselves go, it nearly turned into a musical sing-along number in the Crown and Lion.

5. Do they have a common hobby? What do they do for fun together?

They spend the rare lazy morning fooling around hanging out in bed, reading and talking about the Arling.

6. How did they fall in love? (since they are lovers, I'm not answering the last part)

Nathaniel was introduced to the Couslands as a political manuver waaaay back when they were kids. His father hoped that Nathaniel would eventually win Moira's affections and secure their place in society. It turns out that Moira and Nate became very good friends growing up and then their friendship evolved into something more.

7. Oops, they drank some strange potions! Gender-bender!

Natalie (holding a hand to her sides): Whoever invented steel-boned bodices needs to die a slow, painful death.

Mo: *flexes*

8. Okay, let's get serious. Can we see a kiss?

Gentlemanly hand-kisses with wibbly smiles FTW.

9. The strongest one, lift your partner above your head! Can you do it?

Moira (with her arms wrapped around Nate's waist): Ooof! Maker, but you're heavy! *tries to lift, nothing happens*

Nate (looking down): What do you think you're trying to do?

10. Do they have any unfulfiled fantasies involving the other?

Varel politely requests that there be a large censored sign put here after unwittingly walking into Moira's office one day. Please, think of the Seneschal.

11. Playing strip poker. Who wins?

Moira cheated the pants off of Isabela (pun intended) back in Denerim just to learn the dualist technique. She's not going to pull any punches when Naked!Nate is at stake.


Sep. 13th, 2011 06:54 am (UTC)
I KNEW Isabela's pants had to go missing for a reason!

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