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NaNoWriMo 2011

I've been wibbling between two completely new plotlines for the past week. They both sounded really good at the beginning, but by last night, I was "Meh, whatever" about them.

So I thought I'd fly by the seat of my pants and just open up a clean word document and see what flew off my fingers this year. After a few minutes of writing, Moira decided that this year we'll be finishing (or at least trying to finish) Steady as We Go. This story was last year's NaNo novel and is already at the 50K mark, so I went back to see just where I had left off, opened up a new document, and continuing where we left off.

Of course, we left off right before a big action scene in Redcliffe. Action scenes and I are like oil and water. They always feel really awkward to write to me. As of now, I've got roughly 2,800 words done, no bad guys in sight, and I've forgotten just how much I wanted to squish Alistair and never let him go. I still can't believe last year I wrote 50,000 words and only got from Ostagar to Lothering. Hopefully this year I can get further. I stopped writing this story after polishing up the bits that I had written last November because I had a huge block on it, but so far it feels like I've been able to jump right back in as if I hadn't left, so yay.

edit: I was wandering around the NaNo forums and because I'm not starting from scratch, I can now be labeled as a NaNo Rebel. *cackle*

I think I'm suffering from a cold relapse. I feel like complete crap and I really want to go take a nap. I just woke up two hours ago. :(

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