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The Drawing Board

iceprincessd's writing journal: home of bossy muses.

27 December 1981
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Writing journal for iceprincessd. Everyday rambling and whatnot can be found over there. Here you will find the majority of my fanfic, snippets of works in progress, the occasional slip into the Fanfic Graveyard, stuff that just hits me out of the blue, and a whole lot of responses to prompt challenges. Hangout spot for rabid plot bunnies and their wranglers. Occasional landing strip for wandering muses who like to inspire when paper isn't readily available.

As for character love: I like the seemingly one-dimensional characters that have the promise of showing off facets of their personality if given the chance. I like the underdogs, the reluctant heroes, the unapologetic jerks, people that have their own code of (seemingly questionable) ethics. The quirky sidekicks usually draw my attention more instead of the Main Character as do the older, tactiurn characters that don't often say anything but when they do, it's worth listening. They make me want to know about their stories instead. I like the people that often get ignored or glossed over in favor of more popular characters and the ones that start out being people I don't like but then grow on me.
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